New barrel,Which caliber to go with?


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Dec 25, 2001
Central Washington.
I ordered a barrel from Pac-Nor awhile ago and they just let me know it's ready.It's a heavy 34" 1-10 twist .338 barrel with a Vais brake...I'm not solid on the action yet,leaning towards a BAT.I had the .338 Ultra Mag Improved with a tight neck in mind,I figure I could realy get those 300gr Sierra's moving.This will be my lone range Chuck rifle for this coming spring.
Any other caliber you guy's think will work out better?

Landon M.
before you build. check with dave tooley at tooley custom guns. At the 1000 yd nationals he had a 338 Yogi on 10" BAT, with 34" Llja barrel, muzzle brake, 300 rds fired, custom dies and a custom tapered base that had adjustments for 15 MOA increases (4 of them) all for $2500. He built it for guy and now he is quitting shooting. He has website. If he still has it great deal.
FYI: That rifle you mentioned has been sold to a fella on this board already.

Seeing how your looking at a custom action already regardless of caliber I would go with the 338 Lapua Mag or any of it's improved variants at least. At std 338 Lapua is just a little larger than a std 338 RUM based on the cases I've measured. The brass is better and tougher with the Lapua stuff and if you improve it, you end up with a 120+gr of H2O capacity.
I shoot the 338 Yogi and it's nothing to sneeze at believe me.
But if you do decide to stay with a factory action, then the 338 RUM or RUM Improved will get you a long way down range also in a no time at all.

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