Which way to mount?


Jun 18, 2007
NE Wyoming
I am going to be using a Harris Bi-Pod BRM version for the International Tactical Rifleman's Championship (all shooting from prone position with field rest, steel targets, out to 1,000 yards) with a Remington Center-grip H-S Stocked XP-100 in 6.5-284.
In your opinion is the best way to mount it the traditional way or backwards?
Just getting done with load development from the bench and have not done much group shooting with a bi-pod before. Thanks for your thoughts.
4ked horn,
I read somewhere (can't remember where) that it actaully aided/benefited accuracy. I have not tried it for myself yet, and was wondering if anyone else had tried it.
If the bipod was not very tall, 13" model or less, I could see how it might help reduce the felt recoil a small bit but that energy would inturn tweak upward on the forend and also damage the legs of the bipod. I'm not sure I like the trade off on that option.

I would take a look at the source of the idea as it might be in the "hold your pistol sideways" category of info. There is a certain situation where you would tilt the pistol to the side for more appropriate aiming but it is a limited purpose. In the same manner the backwards bipod may serve a good but limited need that might not be practical for our LRH purposes.

If you could track down the source of that idea I would like to know. We never know when we might learn something new.
My brother mounts his backwards on his 338/378 WBY, as it's more compact. No ill effects on accuracy and the bipod is plenty tough... no way it's breaking or getting worn out from it.

I've planned on one mounted on the rear sling swivel stud on my Ultra to see how that works with another up front. Anyone ever tried it?
That looks interesting. I'm interested to know how it will affect your elevation adjustments. I also wonder how it will be trying too get back on target for any quick follow up shots.

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