Which 30cal for long range hunting?

300 Allen Express (Kirby Allen's version of a 300 Lapua Improved)

You get to use Lapua brass and will launch 230 Bergers at 3200fps without breaking a sweat. What's not to like about the 300AX gun)
300 win mag vs 30-378wby....what would be the velocity difference?
Everbody keeps throwing you diffrent rounds but you have not defined there use. Anyone of use could easly say what we like but is that best for you, your game and range? I dont know, your long range may be 400M while mine is over 1000M and your game may be elephant and mine whistle pigs.
According to advertised factory ammo speeds:

Winchester Supreme 180 Accubond is 2950'/sec. in 300 Win Mag
Remington premier 180 Scirocco is 3250'/sec. in 300 RUM PL3
Weatherby ammo with 180 Accubond is 3420'/sec.

Major difference in performance, especially if LR elk is on the menu.

The 300 Win Mag has long been known for accuracy, but it's the least powerful of the lot. Probably the way I'd go if I was only after LR deer size game. A good brake will make a 10lb 300 mag feel about like a 260 Rem.

On the other hand, if you want to take elk at 1/2 mile or further (1500 ft.lbs energy on target with 1800+ velocity), the biguns are the only way to go IMO.

I don't know nor have I heard which is more inherently accurate between the 300 RUM and the 30-378 WBY. ?????????

The 300AX sounds very interesting, it would still be deadly on elk out to 1200+ yds (same energy and velocity requirements as above) !! WOW! Lapua takes a big action to handle right though if I am not mistaken. Maybe not any bigger than the 378 WBY, but I dont know..........my 338 AX has a huge action and is a huge heavy rifle.
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I have a number of long range rifles. A couple people have mentioned the 30-378, but I have not had good luck with mine. It has a short action and a short clip plus a long throat, which means that unless you do some tricky reloading, the bullet has to go on vacation to get to the lands. You have to seat heavy bullets so deeply into the case that they can actually bend from the force of the burning powder before they can get stabilized in the lands. I recently read an article on this very topic. I have a Remington 300 RUM that I would recommend highly. You get that wonderful Remington action, long enough to load any depth you please, plus you get the best off-the-shelf barrel on the market. I also have three Remington 300 Win mags that all perform superbly. My Sendero, after 16 years of use, will still put three bullets in the same hole at 200 yds. I have a Sako in the Lazzeroni
Warbird, and I love the cartridge, hate the rifle for the same reasons I do not like the Weatherby. I have a Lazzeroni in the Warbird, but I have not shot it yet, so I cannot comment on its accuracy, but the rifle is superb. I have a Remington titanium in 30 Gibbs, which holds my record for killing a deer at long distance, 837 yds, but I have to admit that had to be a freaky accident. My bottom line until I shoot the Lazzeroni, you cannot go wrong with the 300 win mag. Extremely versatile, inherently accurate, easy on cases. It is just a great cartridge.
If you want to jump up a bit from the 30 cal., IMHO, .338 Lapua, no question. Terrific cartridge. If Remington does not make one in their Sendero, buy the closest thing you can get in the Sendero and send it to
Benchmark Barrels and get it rebarreled. That is what I did to get my .338 RUM. Benchmark makes fantastic barrels and has (again, IMHO) the best brake on the market today. And I have seven Vais brakes and never thought I would switch. The reason I am so high on the Senderos is their full length aluminum bedding block, which makes them very, very accurate. PS on my previous response. If you go for the 30 Gibbs, buy good brass and anneal it before you even start forming cases. The cases have to go through hell before they come out as a Gibbs case. But, that's half the fun!
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