Which 7MM for long range hunting?

For us to give you a fair assessment, we need a little more info. Are you thinking about a 6 lb rifle? 8lb? 11 lb? 14 lb?

What is the range you want to shoot? 500 yds? 800 yds? 1500 yds?

My first belted mag was a 7mm Rem Mag. I have found this rifle to be very easy to load for.
Dont they use a standard 7mm rem mag on that show? I really enjoy that show.

I just purchased a 7mm ultra mag. I have been thinking the same thing. I think I am going to send mine to Jim at Center Shot and make it a better 7mm Ultra Mag. If I get mine built up I am going to keep it a sporter style for shooting 500 yards or less. It will be my Northern WI and MN hunting gun. For hunting in the woods and some clear cuts. I have a 2.5-10x42 Swaro to put on it.

What are you going to do? Long range? Woodland hunting?
You need to understand good marketing, good film editing, and quite a few other things before you let BS on a TV show influence your opinion. I am trying to help you. Go get more information before you make a decision.
If needed I want to be able to shoot an elk at 750 yards. ( most likely never will)

Basically I want it to work like they do on TV.

I am with you. I hope when I get to Wyoming my hunt goes like a TV show too. I have been hunting long enough to know that I shouldn't hold my breath for that but I like to have the dream in my head. You know I think you can do a lot with a 7mm of all sorts. I had Jim See build a 300 RUM for me this year and it shoots lights out. What a wonderful gun. If you work loads and get the gun done up by a good smith you can shoot lights out with a 7mm too or any caliber for that matter. Almost all of my friends shoot 7mm rem mags and they're very successful with their guns. The 168 berger is a good bullet.
I had Jim See build me a 7mm SAUM to shoot the 168 Berger. I worked up a decent load with RL17 and it shoots under .3 MOA.

I have stopped watching the BOTW show recently. I liked it better when John Burns was in it because he constantly preached practicing at ranges you expect to shoot. I have seen several recent episodes where they had guest hunters and during the post hunt interviews they say over and over that they had never shot as far as they did on their hunt. Most of them say that they didn't think it was possible to take an animal that far. I understand that they are trying to sell their over priced rifles but it doesn't sit well with me.
Couldn't agree more! They pretty much want you to believe that if you buy their product you can immediately go out and shoot 1000 yards. We all know it doesn't work that way. I quit watching for the same reasons. That being said, hard to go wrong with a 7mm rem mag. Very versatile. Get all the info you can before you make a decision. I wish I would have done that! Would have saved me alot of $$$$.
The 7mm WSM, SAUM, Rem Mag, will fit the bill on an elk at that range with the 168gr. I'm planning to go that route my self. More than likely the 7mmx300WSM because I have the brass.

Just a brief thought regarding BOTW. Since they took the show from concept to reality, during that process I think it can been fairly certain that they could have and would have selected the caliber that best suited the type of shooting they were disposed to. Appreciating their many options, to have settled on the 7mmRem Mag speaks well of that particiular cartridge. Since they are in the business of selling products, I think they would have chosen the cartiridge that best demonstrated the abilities of their products. It seems the 7mm Remmag met their criteria. YMMV
Well you would certianly be able to "hit" an elk at 800 yds with a 7mm Rem Mag or a 7mm RUM. Not sure if these calibers are the most appropiate choices though.

I wonder if a 30 to 338 caliber rifle might not be a better choice for elk. For deer I would not hessitate to use any of the 7mm Mag's.

After reading all the reports I went with a 300 RUM for my LRH rifle.
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The 7mm cals are a great choice for any of the hunting we have here in North America and they are probably the best choice when you take all factors into consideration. There are many other cals that will do the job very well like the .300 win mag, .300 RUM, .300wsm, 6.5x55, .264 win mag, .270 win ...

I shoot some pretty accurate rifles including, but not limited to, a .308 win, .300 win mag and a .338 Lapua. My experience has led me to believe that any of these calibres will work for long range but all have drawbacks. The .308 is limited in range to about 6-700 yards, the .338 Lapua is somewhat heavy and even with the muzzlebrake a heavy-hitter and the best fit I have for LR work would be the .300 win mag but the configuration I have is quite heavy and I don't like the muzzlebrake for hunting.

So, in true gun nut fashion, I decided I need another rifle. I ordered a 7wsm from PGWDTI here in Canada with an A5 stock, short action(their own), 24" Krieger barrel and removable muzzlebrake. I believe, for me, this will fit the bill for the best longrange rig I could design.

If I were to build on a long action I would probably go 7stw, the extra speed is nice to have but still very easy to reload for.

Enjoy your quest for the perfect calibre, it will take you a lifetime to find it!

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