where to go for re-barrel ?


Dec 28, 2009
hi guys- I realize this ques. has alot of possibilties, but, lookin to rebarrel a 22-250 rem in a ss. 26"+-. Anyone come to mind that you'd be proud to recc.. alot of coyotes and prarie dogs will go up in smoke. Thanks for the same, enjoy the site. jc
I would have to go with Jim See at Center Shot Rifles. Don't know how long it would take him to do a rebarrel but I sent a rifle to have a brake installed it was back to me in a weeks time. I might of cought him at a good time. Either way if I ever have something else done it will be by him.

You'll find there are lots of very good smiths on this site.

That's my .02 hope it helps,

I dont think you'd go wrong with any of the gunsmiths on this site. I had Jim @ centershotrifles.com build my pistol and he did awesome work! When I find more money I'll be going with him for another build.
Any of the site sponsors such as Kirby Allen, Kevin Cram, Shawn Carlock are all v good (those are off the top of my head). It s
depends on where your located, east coast, I can personaly reccomend Jeff Walker of walker custom rifles. He Judy built me a custom .308win, shoots lights out and he has a short turn-around. Prices are good too. Tell him Oliver Lottermann recommended him if you decide to go with him.

BERGARA bbls makes remington "drop ins" I use them, like them, and do it myself.
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