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  • Thanks for reaching out! I visited with Brett and Lee at DavTac customs in Bossier City this morning. They answered all of my questions and seemed to really know their stuff. Their shop is only 2.5hrs from where I live so I'm thinking of going with them.

    Thanks again for reaching out!
    I've known Gary for a longtime as well. Wouldn't recognize him if he walked through my front door but have been doing business with him for 20+ years.
    I'm a licensed rifle builder as well. I'm in Maryland about 40 Mi. North of the "armpit" known as Wash. DC.
    LOL, I know Gary quite well although I'm not sharing his shop.

    I'm in with Dan Pedersen, Classic Barrels and Gunworks in Prescott. Dan makes cut rifled barrels as opposed to button rifled that Gary makes.
    Good Morning Eddie,

    I am a licensed gunsmith located in AZ. I have just left the employ of GA Precision as the Senior Gunsmith and I'm in the process of starting my own business. My new lathe has been delivered and I'm just waiting for the manufacturer to come up to do the install which they require. I am sharing space with a premium barrel maker here in AZ.

    Thank you for asking!
    I would rather have a 1-12 or faster Eddie. I guess I should have stated that. I was wanting a 1-8 but have had some guys talk me into looking at some slower twist so I don't get locked into just heavier bullets. I have a Manners t5a stock that is sitting so if you have anything else that might work call me. Thanks Del
    I got the PT & G bolt body in the mail today. The Postmaster says it should arrive Friday 27 March 2015
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