When isnt it hunting anymore ?

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Jul 20, 2007
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OK, I have to throw in my $.02. After reading the first several posts, the word "Sniper" was thrown around several times. A person is a Sniper only after he has been formally trained as a Sniper. I'm willing to bet that 90% of the guys that claim to be Snipers, aren't even close to qualifying as one. I was trained as a Designated Marksman, not a Sniper. Besides, hunting is not Sniping. Your target can't shoot back.

If this was covered in another post, sorry about the repeat.
Thank you JARHEAD. I get a little sick of the word being misused, people use it out of ignorance as a way of labeling something evil (reporters and now hunting editors). The correct label would be trained marksman, or in most people's case armed irregulars.

So with that said, when is it Sniping...when you're a Sniper!:D LOL

gun)---Now this guy is a Sniper! :D:D:D
That is the look of sheer determination.


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Jun 12, 2004
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It always suprises me how the uneducated public has such a sour taste in their mouth for the word sniper when in fact they are held to some of the highest respect by their military counterparts.

I bet the boys in Afgan. feel alot different about their snipers!!!

It is true, very few of any of us could be called snipers, there are a few that have been properly trained for this very specialized job but even so, when we are in the field, no matter what the range, we are hunters, not snipers. Its simply a mindset promoted by those trying to fill the publics mind with nothing more then lies. I guess its working to some degree, they got the whitehouse and the House and Senate.....

Now its our turn to take them back starting in 2010.


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Feb 15, 2009
+1 w/Kirby-"Now its our turn to take them back starting in 2010."

If your registered here, then you ought to be registered to vote and then VOTE!!!


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Sep 20, 2005
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What a great thread! I have been following this with much interest. Most of us on LRH should have some pretty thick skin by now. The fact that we are willing to even entertain and discuss such a topic shows us all that our sport is alive and well. We should constantly be asking ourselves "Am I comfortable with this or that?" We should reflect often on where we came from and where we are going, for that is how we keep our bearings. It shows the public that we have a conscience. It shows that we are concerned with ethics. Each of us needs to review our own set of ethics or beliefs from time to time - whatever they may be. For me, the real danger is when we start to apply our own ethics to each other. Illegal is illegal - black and white. But ethics are personal and, believe me, there is a ton of grey in that area. Congratulations to us all. Let's hope we never get tired of asking and answering the tough questions.


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Oct 8, 2009
This is a *great* thread and absolutely no better place (and participants BTW) to articulate it. It's rekindlilng in me my hunting desire (i'm currently an armchair participant remembering 'back when.....').

I remember my 1st long-range kill (yup, it was a K-I-L-L with too not much to the hunt) back in Fall 1983. It was about 520yds as i estimated. I was using my high-school graduation present - a Rem 700 ADL in 7mm RM - w/175grn Remington off-the-shelf bullets (which shot consistently 1.25"), and iron sights.

I was ecstatic to say the least - i ran all the way home to tell my folks (who had watched the shot through binos) Then i went back to the shot site and began the tracking. I'd hunted/killed whitetails before and all were shots under 100yds, but this little guy was the most memorable by far.

No one i've ever encountered disputed the ethics of the shot. If asked about the shot/conditions, i'd supply the information that i spent all the money i worked for (lotsa hay throwing/firewood selling!!!) on ammo practicing and was *always* practicing range estimation - commonplace back then before all these fancy LRF's.

I think it's not hunting when the kill comes in the same way as "fishing in a barrel". If the hunt is on a small, *enclosed* game preserve led by the preserve managers and the game has nowhere to run when/if they sense you coming. Otherwise, go to the auction/feed-lot/grocery store and buy your steaks.

As mentioned about LRH, those that can (make the shot) *do*, those that can't (won't?) cry. Thats it.

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