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  • Cameron,
    A lot of things have happened since I sent you my last message. I purchased a farm in N. Idaho above the Clearwater River, 387 miles from my home in Twin Falls. I wanted a great place to hunt and fish. I didn't realize that I was buying a 5-9 job. I spend around 10 1/2 months working up there and very little time in TF. So far, I've put in a 1/2 mile road, built a bridge, put up a 30' X 45' shop and farmed the place as well. I do have deer and elk as well as turkeys and all kinds of predators on the place. Coyotes, bear, bobcats, mtn. lion and wolves are the standard norm.
    This year we had terrible fires up there and my place really suffered large, uninsured losses of crops, equipment,fences ans outbuildings. I haven't been to Bakersfield during any hunting seasons since I last memoed you. I am coming sometime next April for 3 days.
    My name is Craig Fisher.. I live in Twin Falls, ID. My Son-in-Law works for Oasis Air Conditioning in Bakersfield and my Daughter works for the Target Distribution Center in Bakersfield as well. I am in the middle of building a long range target. I could only get my hands on a 12" square piece of AR 400 so it might not hold up for very long. Would have liked to have found some AR500 as it is a lot tougher. Will have to see how it works. I'll ask you for a friendship and then before I head down to Bakersfield the next time I'll contact you and let you know. We have a 1K yard range in Boise which is about 2 hrs. from where I live. I make it up once a month. I need to get something closer fo more practice as I'm very new to this.
    Hi Camshaft,
    Haven't heard anything out of you since I asked you for the friendship thing. I didn't realize you lived in Bakersfield. My Daughter and Son-in-Law live there. We get down to see the grandkids a couple of times a year. I usually try to get one trip while dove season is on and do a little hunting. I was wondering something. Now that your area is lead free, can you guys still do any type of long range practice using lead bullets?
    Let me know. Maybe we can get together for some shooting my next trip down. Give me a nudge and let me know, OK?
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