what would be the minimum size rifle for hunting a big foot/sasquatch

Not kidding, but maybe not completely accurate. I checked my memory against other sources as it's been 25-30 years, at least one county has an ordinance prohibiting it. It was an April fools day thing, but has been amended a couple of times. We had a professor at WSU that was into Bigfoot bigtime. He was always going to shoot one for proof, I recall the state doing something, It may be the Undiscovered Species Protection Act, but I can't find enough to back that up right now

You are apparently correct, at least in Skamania County. In 1969 the county adopted ordinance 69-01 making killing a bigfoot punishable with a $10,000 fine and up to 5 years in jail!
http://www.skamaniacounty.org/ordinance/Bigfoot Ordinance 69-01.pdf

However, the felony charge and penalty was repealed by the commissioners in 1984 and Skamania County was declared a "Sasquatch refuge". Not sure what happens if you killed one in a "refuge".
http://www.skamaniacounty.org/ordinance/Bigfoot Ordinance 1984-2.pdf

There it is folks, guvmint at work. Stranger than fiction...you can't make this stuff up.
Thanks HarperC...this made my day.
It must be winter, my curiosity is tweaked. I woke up last night and remembered the professor at WSU was Grover Krantz. I also remember a picture of him in the paper with his Bigfoot rifle, but can neither remember, or find what caliber it was. As he was considered the foremost expert on Bigfoot if we can find this, we'll have the answer to the original question. He used to take the rifle and spotlight cruising backroads at night looking for the beast (Unless you're a professor I'm not sure F&G will buy it). His recommendations though were for a bigger than normal deer rifle. You did not want to be monkey stomped or have to chase it a long ways. Finishers, and throwing lot's of rocks, poking with a long stick before gutting was also indicated. One of his quotes, when asked why not tranquilize and capture it? He said that it would be totally cruel to keep one in captivity, and besides being dead never hurt anyone. Stuff like this keeps our left coast crazies on the phone, wanting laws to protect it. Kind of like NASA spending our money tracking down that psychics mystery planet, and debunking the whole Mayan 2012 calendar. Or the stray horse advocates claiming endangered species status, because horses the Spanish left bred in a secret lost valley in Arizona or New Mexico, with horses left over from the Pleistocene. Only in America!
This is a funny post! How about a silenced .22 lr from a bolt gun with sub-sonic rounds? This way the beast couldn't pin point your firing position. You'd have to hit it in the head though to take him out...precision shooting at it's finest!! Remember, shot placement kills!!! LOL
You all got it wrong. BIG FOOT hunts you, he justs lets us in his woods. So ya need to think defensive. Like 12ga buck shot 3" or ar platform in 450 bushmaster, 458 socom with night vision and a trusty .45 1911 with crimson trace. There sneaky, U need a pet monkey tied to tree to distract him also. And for goodness sakes do not use BIG FOOT in Estrus sprayed on or around you. You might get more of a reaction than your looking for ! Hate to think how u could explain that to ur hunting buddies, or do u just keep that a secret to ur grave? Secret for sure.

Anything that can bring down an elephant with one shot.

After the BF is killed what's your next move? They usually don't travel alone.
Loin cloth and a bowie knife.
Maybe a wounded/distress rabbit call...
A 10' length of rope is optional...

Oh... and one brand new pair of runnin shoes, just in case....:D
that resulted in the people who saw the big foot shooting it and being unable to kill the beast. calibers mentioned were the .30-06 and the .270. .

Since either of these caliburs will shoot through a 1/4inch steel plate at 300 yards.....I think it kill a Big-Foot.....I mean please with proper bullet placement a .22 Long Rifle would work.......But so far I ain't I never heard of anyone being mualed by ole bigfoot....
I would have to give it some thought---about actually shooting one I mean. Can you imagine how much it will cost to do a full body mount!!! That said the 338 Slowpoke (improved 338 Lapua) should take care of that big boy.
You might regret shooting a big foot when you discover you've killed the actor who was doing a remake of "Harry and the Hendersons" and the cameraman has you taking the shot on film.

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