What’s your favorite big game hunt ?


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Feb 1, 2017
So what is your absolute favorite big game hunt? The one that you tell everyone they MUST go on! Lets hear details; species, location, outfitter or DIY, successful or not, going back, etc.
I have been on a number of different hunts and want to start thinking about the next adventure


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Jun 21, 2017
Spot and stalk about anything...gun or bow.

Or calling in gobblers...no blind...no decoys...no yellow call (feed/corn). Nothing like calling them in one on one without any cructches!

Aoudad shooter1975

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Sep 4, 2017
Blanco, Texas
Bighorn sheep...but unless you have an unlimited wallet then it's maybe a once in a lifetime thing... I'll break these out by budget...my first list is sub $10k...something if someone saves can do this type of hunt every year or at least every 2-3 years....

1. Aoudad sheep...$2500 to $5,000...awesome hunt just like a desert sheep hunt...I have taken countless Aoudad-I was born out in west Texas and own and access a lot of good Aoudad land...would do it everyday if I dint have to make a living...love it!!! ( semi guided...to guided..lots of good guide options..will have a great 3-4 days out in God's country)

2. Nilgai Antelope in South Texas--fun social hunt...good to do with customers or close family members--1-2 day hunt, Guided is the way to go..Double-shot outfitters, Pierce trophy hunts--are good options down here. Cost $2,500-$3500.

3. Pronghorn Antelope--done it lots of place and enjoy it...spend a lot of time behind the glass..peaceful...unless you are there opening day...then it's a rodeo on public ground. $500-$2500

4. African Plains Game safari to Namibia or South Africa...best bang for the buck in the hunting world...hunt for 6 days kill 5 animals--eat like a king for $5k-$7k--it's a true vacation--lots of good options Kowas safaris, Spiralhorn Safaris are two really good options.

5. Good ol whitetail deer...what's not to like!!! Free-to--$$$$$$$

Above $10k

1. Bighorn Sheep/Dall/Stone...love it done it twice and would do it every year I could. Lots of good outfits if you can draw a tag...some of Dall/Stone Prophet Muskwa is a good outfit...cost $15k-$100k

2. International sheep--Marco Polo, Gobi Aragli, ect....same as above...
Do your research and enjoy a quality sheep hunt. $25k-$200k.

3. Cape buffalo/elephant. Dangerous, adrenaline filled fun..lots of good places...done it twice...price $12,000 to $50,000 depending on where and length of time.

These are my favorite. I have hunted cats (leopard)..and it was an experience but not my cup of tea. Hunted elk and moose--yes it's grand sport--but a lot of work begins when the critter is down--bear was fun once--but did not light my fire. Lots of things I still would like to hunt...the Capra species is really interesting to me--Mid Asian ibex, and Marco Polo is high on my list, . So is the ibex slam in Spain although they seem a bit pricy on these hunts. I'd like to draw a New Mexico Ibex tag and do that hunt there--but that tag is about as hard to draw as a bighorn!!! To much to do...so little time on this earth!!!
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Feb 7, 2015
Nothing gets my heart pumping like big mule deer. Challenging to find a big shooter buck on public land beauties to look at.

Coues whitetail probably a close 2nd Extremely challenging to hunt all about glassing and shooting.

Bull elk in the rut are right up there too. Not as challenging but a lot of fun


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Dec 25, 2016
SE Idaho
Late season Blacktail deer archery in Oregon....best times to see an elusive BIG Blacktail....and if one doesn't excite you go look for another....Oregon has a generous second season for the deer...you can start in south cascades and follow the season closures til you run out of time there...and incorporate a opportunity for coastal Blacktail as well....all the years I hunted in prime area I never killed a coastal four point.....did see some beautiful huge bucks..just wasn't able to finish the deal.......some people just smell like apples and get them every year....

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