What is the longest shot you have made on a live target

Terry Scott

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Aug 31, 2010
Reno Nevada
Nevada: I made a 972 yd shot on a rock chuck in the wind!
we didn't walk over to see... We drove
Thanks to the Davidsons what we were dreaming about 5 years ago we can do today!!
sheesh, that's amazing, guys! I think I've filed Flight Plans for distances shorter than that !!
Not to **** anyone off, but I think this should be changed to "live game animal"...

And I 'm not a PC kinda guy....just not something I come to this board to talk about.


648 on a g-hog. We didn't get the hog though, but there was meat chunks in the grass and blood spatter half way up the fence post it was standing in front of. It got down its hole before we could get it. 632 head shot on another in the same field. Both shots witnessed.
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