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  • Hey, great antelope write up, I enjoyed it. I'm wanting to do the same thing. This is my 8th year in a row not drawing a tag of any kind in NM. I'm going to have to start going out of state for everything I guess.

    I looked online for antelope hunts in WY just the other day and I got the impression they were draw only. Did you buy over the counter? I thought this due to your saying it was last minute. Thanks for any info.
    thank you for posting about the led sled, I didn't get the catolg at my house yet was wondering do they have a product number, I want to call and order one but want to make sure I get the DFT model. once again thanks so much for the post!!!!

    I saw your post about brass for 338.I am in the process of buying a 338 from the pawn shop in shelbyville.Is there any places close by to shoot over 500 yds?
    Try looking on Quarter Bores forum. Section dedicated to Subsonic topics. I've been playing with a 300 Whisper(R) and have found it very critical to keep the velocity spreads as close together as possible for best accuracy.
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