What is you longest kill with the 308win?

763 yard dall sheep 9-1-02. 168 SMK 2660 FPS. One shot fired, one dead ram. That is also my longest kill period.

The next year on opening day I set up my rig for a ram at 600 even for my buddy. Another ram down. Later that season I bagged mine at 425 (more than one shot).

In 06 I took 3 wolves at 360 yards. Not long range but getting out there for a small target.

In 07 I dropped a bull moose in his tracks at 438. One shot, flop.

Those are my longest kills with the 308 winnie.
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Thats great guys I love my 308 win I just never here stories about guys taking game with them in here. I know its not the best long range hunting round but it works.

Hears another question what is you bullet choice for the 308 win?

I shot my doe with an SMK only beacuse its what I had loaded at the time but I have a lot of Bergers and AMAX bullets as well.
I shot a 5x5 elk @ 40 yrds using a 300 mag using the amax .I also have taken two 8 pointers and 1 muley with the 155grain amax . Now I have a 300rum and I shoot the 208 amax when you run them over 3000 fps they explode like little bombs:D I know they don't retain their weight but just ask the deer on my wall they are all firm believers in AMAX BULLETS LOL
I don't hunt big game with a .308 Win but you surely could. Using a 168g bullet your limited to about 800 yards max due to energy left at that distance. We hunt a few chucks long range with it. We've killed chucks out to 1000 yards with a .308 Win. We mostly use 168g A-max and out to 600 yards the chucks **** near implode. Your range estimation and drop chart need to be dead on with this caliber as muzzle velocity is normally only around 2700 fps and bullets drop quckly the further out you go.
320 yards........White Tail Deer........Savage 10FP........168 grain Federal Premium Vital Shok........Remington, Virginia.........corn field.
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red hind @ 514m, 168g amax at 2650 from a 20" custom rem 700 with moderator,leupold m3 3.5 to 10 by 40 .
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