What is the best tracking scope ever?


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Nov 14, 2010
Is there a better tracking scope than the nightforce nxs?
I think this will be my next scope ,but not if there is a better tracking scope out there. I know othere are better scopes as far as optical quality and features, but are those scopes also tracking better? Are they more repeatable? Do they return to zero better? I'm talking about s&b, uso, premier, kensoldt, etc. I can live without the extra features for now, but I need the accuracy of turret correction. If there is better thean please share thanks

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I hope it isn't against the rules to post an attachment to another site.. but for what it's worth, the comparison done in the attached "link" is worth posting and reading... compares MANY of the very top brands, including nightforce (among the schmidt & benders, zeiss, etc)

Tactical Scopes - SP Sniper Chat

That particular comparison was done a few years ago.. so take it with whatever grain of salt you wish*

I personally think it did (and still may) hold alot of merit and certainly represent somewhat of an eyeopener to the readers, I highly reccomend reading through it! (I think I attached it at page 3 or 4, back it up once opened to page one, if you wish to read through it entirely)

These are a few quotes from that article...

"At this point I could say that some of the high end scopes had pritty serious flaws in them...
1 mrad change of elevation while adjusting the windage...!!! That is 1m from 1000m!!!!

And the worst in this is that these models are in active use...
Of cource there was only few scopes per model, but it really makes wonder...."

"to my knowledge the only manufacturer that quarantees accurate tracking is Zeiss (Hensoldt), no other."

"The common factor that came from the test was that there is no such ting as perfect tactical scope...
One has to make compromices and it is up to the user to deternin which to make..."

I use high end scopes only for competition. I bought a used NF 12-42 that did not track well.
Sent it back with the target as proof. Told them it was used. They repaired it at no cost, and returned it UPS prepaid. Other NF scopes hold POI well. Best scope is my March 10-60. It tracks very well, have no problems with it in the nearly 5 years I have owned it.

Never had a Zeiss, S&B etc., but they are good scopes.
I think a scope tracks, or it doesn't. Then there are the questions of how long it tracks with heavy use, and under the varied conditions of recoil, temperature, etc. While some manufacturers make claims of superior designs, and quality control, I believe that anything that is man made is subject to error. I thoroughly test my LR scopes for tracking when I first get them and check the tracking on a regular basis. While I own Nightforce scopes, I also own others that track just as reliably, but I have had issues with a NF. NF does make claims of design and materials that appear advantageous, and most importantly if you suspect an issue, they will willingly test the scope and verify it's performance. Ironically, I own a Redfield Accutrack since the early 70's and the turret system has been dead on, at least out to 600 yards, for almost 40 years.
I have tried different scopes and found that each are individuals.

Most of the time the good ones have been the high end scopes.

The only low end scope (Under $600.00) has been the burris with Posi lock).

A few of the high end scopes have not been crisp and did not tract back to the same POI.

I think that you just have to try one and if it feels crisp and positive it will probably tract if
it is a name brand and there top end scope.

Like everything else in this sport there is no "1" best.

JE, I think you have nailed it pretty well

I don't believe there is any possible test to quantify "best". As grey said, man made equipment can & will fail. I have NghtForce, USO, MK4, Zeiss & Burris. To this date, none have failed me. Does that mean the Burris XTR is as good as my SN-3? Not exactly, but under the condition for which I use them, I guess I can't say it's any worse either.

Every manufacturer will have a scope that fails, that CAN be proven. I believe an individual needs to properly test each new scope when he gets it to ensure it functions correctly & roll on.

You won't be disappointed with NightForce. Then again, your chances of being disappointed with S&B, USO, Hensoldt & Premier are pretty dern slim as well.

Thanks for the responses. It sounds like everyone pretty well belives that the nightforce should track as well as any of the very best scopes. This is what I was after. I wanted call on the experience of everyone more experienced than me to confirm what I was thinking. So just to be clear...there is no one scope that has a reputation for being more mechanically sound, more consistantly than the rest?
I've decided that I would pay as much as it takes (even if it means saving) to be sure that I have the BEST tracking, most repeatable, consistant, accurate scope in the world. If nightforce is tied for first with all the above mentioned scopes then nightforce it is until I save for all the other options that the most expensive scopes offer outside of tracking.

Thanks again.
I test all my scopes to track properly and return to zero. I was talking with Bryan Litz once and he asked me to verify my scope tracking to well past a mile. I set up a tall board at 100 yards. With a small aim point at the bottom shot to confirm zero. I then cranked in 10 moa and shot, then 20,30,40,50,60,70,80 then shot another at 80, then back to 70 and shot again then 60,50,40,30,20,10 and back to zero. The Nightforce NXS tracked true and repeated all the way up and back.

I have owned over 20 NXS scopes, and installed many for others too. I have yet to have one that didn't track true and return to zero.

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