What is the best SFP scope ?


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Apr 13, 2015
Need a new scope for a new 6.5 creedmore build.
I just got my new 338 lapua build a couple months ago and topped it with the steiner t5xi 3-15x50 Love the scope for almost all features except it being FFP.
I do not know how to range with the reticle and to be quite honest I don't need to know how. In Wi. where I live there is nowhere close to shoot over 500 yards and I can use a rangefinder for any long shots.
I found the reticle to be useless to me in the lower power ranges being it is so small.
When shooting under 150 yards there is no good power to set the scope on especially when shooting moving animals.
I like the steiner for its clarity, field of view and, the adjustable turrets.
It is a bit heavy for a mobile hunting rifle IMHO.
So my question is what would be the best SFP scope for me?
I need it to have great glass, good field of view, adjustable turrets, it does't need to be super light but, it does need to be slimmer/more streamlined than my steiner.
Price not really an issue .
also Please don't comment or make a recommendation if you haven't owned or used the scope you are recommending.
Thanks Andy
SFP, Light, streamlined, reliable turrets, and 500 yds max... 2.5-10x42 compact NXS. These are excellent little scopes and functional WELL past 500 yds.
Pick the reticle and turrets of your choice and go shoot.
You might try a Bushnell 6500 4 1/2-30X50. If you keep the receipt you have up to a year to send it to Bushnell for a full refund; for any reason. Try that with any other brand. I will bet money the Bushnell will show more detail in good light than the z5 line of Swarovski. Mine is crystal clear throughout its range.
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