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  • I have a Forester 7 Rem Mag FL 2 piece die set with a RCBS X die that I have just decided to sell. It has the sliding sleeve on the bullet seater die just like the Redding competition dies I have for my 300 RUM that does an exceptional job. The set is in excellent condition and I can send pics if interested.
    Phone number 870 736 3116, I can paypal tonight when I get home, or mail a money order my next day off which is thursday, whichever you prefer.
    It seems to me I paid just over $600. Contact Texas bino man and get a quote. Might surprise you. My rangefinder was shipped directly from the company. Let me know how it goes!
    I would potentially be interested in it all. Please email me pics. Include a head on of the bolt face please.
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