What do you think long range is?

What do you think is long range?

  • 200 Yards

    Votes: 1 0.6%
  • 400 Yards

    Votes: 29 17.2%
  • 600 Yards

    Votes: 77 45.6%
  • 800 Yards

    Votes: 39 23.1%
  • 1000 and more

    Votes: 23 13.6%

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I shoot several rifles from 500 to 1200+ on a regular basis. Another rigs gets to go out to a mile once in awhile.

All of this is to be confident in taking big game out to 600 yards.
I shoot several rifles from 500 to 1200+ on a regular basis. Another rigs gets to go out to a mile once in awhile.

All of this is to be confident in taking big game out to 600 yards.
I don't have anything I'd shoot pat 1,200 with any confidence even on a big rock but I'm pretty well in your same boat on game. I've taken a few critters considerably farther but life starts to get real complicated beyond 600yds so conditions really have to be right to stretch beyond that.
I could not have said that better. When I was younger pretty much everything I shot was under 100 yards. Then one day in a field I shot a buck at 242 yards and it felt like I shot it across the ocean. In fact, it was laying in an open field and my brother after hearing my shot said he was coming to help. When he got to me he asked where it was. I replied in he field. Him: where? Me: over there. Him: where? So I pointed it out and he replied "you shot that SOB way the F over there???" To my brother 100 yards is still a long ways, but now for me anything less than 300 is cake. Last year I killed a buck at 200 and I think I actually hit the very hair I was aiming at. Now 500 is tougher with wind but I'm very confident in one shot kills here, but for me right now LR Hunting is past 700. In a few years I'm sure it will be farther than that for me.

So in conclusion I think Long Range IS defined by out personal capabilities. If he's proud of that shot, let him be. I bragged for years about dropping a buck at 242 and got lots of oohs and aahhs.

Ps it is actually VERY hard to find a shot past 200 here. You have to purposely position yourself in a spot to shoot farther and that usually in a VERY tight window.

Exactlly. A long shot here, in Michigan woods is 150 yards. Most are 100 or less. End result is the same, meat in the freezer.

I bought a 338 Lapua some years back, think I've shot it maybe 20 times, all on out west hunts. Having a 338 here is like driving a Cadillac on a fire trail. Doable, but not recommeded.

200 Yards would be long range for a 22 Long Rifle??? Maybe one of the mouse guns
like the 223...

Personally I think long range is any rifle comb/range you now need to compensate for elevation and wind. For most modern day rifles this would be greater than 300 yards depending on rifle zero so I chose 400 yards. Now obviously, the further out you get, the more difficult shots become but again, in my opinion, when you need to start adjusting for hold over and wind you are now in a long range situation.
I shot fclass for the same reason as some gents above noted they shoot 1000+, to be able to kill game at longer distances, and that to me again was 600+.

and to note, I shot fclass with my coyote gun as that's what I hunt and what I hunt with, bipod, no rear bag.

I kept it as similar to what I'd do in the field when faced with a potential long range kill, and I did actually shoot a couple rounds in my ghillie.

but I didn't win anything outside of knowledge
I have been posting on several sites to get some help on joining the F class, open
and you are the first person that has come back to me on the subject..

I am in the process of building myself (Having it built) and I have everything to learn about the F class..

I am having a 300 win mag put together and have every thing but the barrel and
that should be here some time just after Christmas or the First of the year??

My GUNSMITH is a remarkable individual and I have a very deep respect for any thing he tells me but he knows next to nothing about F class.. He shoots with the guys in NBRSA and has some very impressive plaques and trophies as well ..He keeps harping to me about consistency, consistency, and precision, precision... but I have to listen and watch him work on his lathe or the mill and FEEL the precision in the Remington actions that he has put together.. They are remarkable but in the 4 to 6 thousand Dollar range..

I would sure appreciate any help or advice concerning the F Class, open... That
you could run my way..

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