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  • Which is better for hunting FFP or 2ndFP ?
    Mike, I like the SFP for hunting. Then again, once you start using a FFP scope you don't need to worry if the scope is on max magnification for the BDC to work or not. It really comes down to which one you think will work the best for the way you hunt? I coyote hunt mostly with a FFP and deer with SFP. No one right answer that is for sure. Bart
    Also I have the Monarch 5 4-20x50 BDC and wanted to know if I could somehow have the XR Turret installed so I can dial my elevation AND use the BDC reticle?
    You can have a Custom turret installed on the M5 scope and still use the BDC reticle. I have 2 scopes exactly as you describe. I'm sorry this is such a late reply, I just noticed it. Never popped up before, unless it did and I answered it already? bart
    Hi, I have a couple questions that I hope you can answer regarding Nikon (I own many products) I have noticed that the andriod version of the Spot On app will sometimes give me different info than the web based PC version given the exact same data and some of the BC values differ from what the bullet manufacturer publish?
    Spot On has undergone some positive changes over the last few months related to the Android platform. Hopefully, things are better, if not, please let me know so I can pass the issues along. Bart
    hi i just purchased the m223 scope mount for my s&w mp sport2 AR. i have the scope mounted on the m223 but when i put the mount onto the rails and tighten down both screws it wobbles side to side.
    A., Sorry for the way late reply but your PM never popped up for me. You are right about the "christmas tree" inside the ocualr picture for wind adjustment. We have been working on a short video tutorial for applying Atmospheric Condition's to your Spot On use.
    Hello Bart

    I use the Spot-on calculator but I don't quite understand how to use the atmospheric calculations. Do you have a concrete example, video, link or article showing how to aim when using the atmospheric conditions? In particular I want to see how/where to aim using the measurements (inches, MOA, Clicks) that show up in the reticle calculation when the atmospheric conditions feature is used. What I have seen in Nikon videos and others in YouTube as well as in the manual is a mention of the feature but not a field demonstration of how it works. It seems that using Atmospheric corrections effectively requires a "Christmas Tree" reticle with lateral aiming points that the BDC does not have. I had contacted Nikon support and so far not even a trace of such documentation. Please advice. Thank you for the help.
    As far as I know all the scopes being used on the Savage are the new PROSTAFF scopes with BDC reticle. Make sure you check out Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Program to really dial in your rifle,scope and ammo. I think you will be very pleased with the combo. I have honestly heard nothing negative and the .308, one of my favorite cal/s is very accurate.

    I hope this info helps?
    Bart, I am looking at a Savage 11 Trophy Hunter 308 with Nikon Optics, and wondering what the model number of the scope is. Someone posted that it is an older, but possibly more desirable model. Is that true, and if so, what are the differences? Thanks
    Bart, I live in southern Louisiana and manage the Field n Stream Department of a sporting goods Co. out of Katey TX, I'm sure you know. I am a new AR "want a be" but am putting togeather funds to build/purchase my firse. To your expertise, I have a Monarch UCC 1.5-4.5x32 diamond retical. I love this scope. I just want tactical/target turrets, can Nikon provide them or do I need to to the "after market"? I like the idea of calibrated "nobs" to your bullets.

    Paul "Hurricane" Hatrel
    My name is Bart, I live in N. Texas above Dallas. I am married with an 11 year old boy who loves to hunt and shoot as much as I do. I am a RN,BSN and recently started working for Chevalier Advertising and Nikon Sport Optics. I am enjoying both jobs very much,meeting some great folks and hopefully passing on as much information as I am getting from you all.
    Any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
    Nikon Pro Staff
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