Weatherby calibers for long range shooting

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Aug 6, 2014
morning, could someone please tell me why the weatherby actions and larger

weatherby ccalibers r not used in long range hunting and target shooting??

I have a 257, 7mm and 340 and they all shoot very good.

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Please advisegun)
target shooters talk about the flat bedding surface and two locking lugs on a remington. another place to ask would be on or i have never shot against a weatherby in a competition that i know of. neither a browning or several others. with a krieger barrel i believe they would do real good. i shot against a sako ( tr-g) once and a blaser and both did real well.
Wby used to be found in long range competition.

There are no reasons not to use Wby for long range.

There may be reasons to use something else but it's always a matter of personal choice.
Wby used to be found in long range competition.

There are no reasons not to use Wby for long range.

There may be reasons to use something else but it's always a matter of personal choice.

Just, my Wby's shoot quite well for long range hunting. They are hunting rifles, not competition rifles. For serious competition a custom build is a must and I'm sure they are not on Wby actions.
The reason is simplicity, the most common action used for competition is the Rem 700 and it's clones, why you ask, is due to the simple nature of it's design and ease that it can be trued and aligned.
I have Rem 700 based target rifles, they are cheap to blueprint, barrel fit and stock, but, I prefer a classic Win Model 70 action for anything else, including original '98 Mauser, CZ 550 and my second favourite action, the Kimber 8400.
I really like Weatherby cartridges, at present I have 270 Weatherby, 300 Weatherby, 340 Weatherby and 375 Weatherby, but, I do NOT like Weatherby rifles, never have.
I think the problem with Weatherby's being not so popular, is due to this very platform, the interweb, all this talk about bullets touching the rifling and you NEED this for accuracy, has eaten it's way into everyones' minds and FREEBORE is somehow detrimental to accuracy, this, however is completely unfounded, as all of my Weatherby's are very accurate, maybe not benchrest grade, but they're not benchrest rifles, either.
It really makes me chuckle out loud when I see a question about how much a bullet should be into the rifling on an AR based rifle, seriously, why would you bother?

There are plenty of people that use Weatherbys for LRH. They are greatly outnumbered by other makes though, and I have a few opinions on why that is. The Wby action is superb and their triggers fantastic. They are pretty spendy though. They aren't a good value for a custom or semi-custom build, so that probably scares most people off. You can get a custom action, nice stock and trigger for about the price of a Mark V. So anyone wanting a match grade barrel would be wasting money buying a Wby. Brass tends to be more expensive than comparable non-Wby calibers, and 20 rounds of loaded ammo will cost you a week's pay.

Weatherby's are a good choice for guys who reload and want a solid factory rifle for LRH however.
morning, i did not mean the rifle itself. I meant the calibers. U take any caliber

that WBees advertise, technically speaking. The caliber and cartridge r maxed

out to bullet weight and powder charge for ammo sold in stores. Now a

person can take the Wbee's cartridge and push the cartridge to the max.

My Wbee's shoot extremely well once I find the sweet spot. To say that

a Wbee's r expensive. The customs that r advertised by custom LR shooters

cost in the $2500+++ range r more expensive than the price of a real Mark V

For example i just bought a 7mm Wbee german made for $650. has a bulge in

the barrel. i will remove the barrel, put a Hart 1-10 twist, SS ,30" barrel, #7

contour 7mm Wbee back in the action for roughly $1200. The Vanguard

is not a Wbee. yes as advertised, not in texture. My opinon

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for many years the 300 weatherby was king of the 1000 yard matches.

Yep and if I had wheels I would be a wagon. the past is just that. for competition they are never going to compete with newer much more efficient cases that offer similar performance with MUCH less recoil.
The calibers are fine, but there pretty much isn't a weatherby caliber that someone hasn't improved upon. the 300WBY great caliber but the RUM is nicer (take personal preference out and the RUM will win) take the 340 the EDGE or the 338RUM or the Lapua are all better options IMHO. Not saying they aren't good but they don't stand out as the best choice at any area, but they will always be around because who the hell wants to all be the same.
The 300 weatherby is STILL setting records for LR benchrest. I have two friends that have improved versions of this cartridge and they do very well. Not quite as good as this guy using a standard 300 Weatherby:

May 5th, 2009

Ken Brucklacher Sets 1000-Yard Score Record: 100-8X

Ken Brucklacher, current President of the Original Pensylvania 1000-yard Benchrest Club (Williamsport), joined the immortals this Sunday, May 3rd. Shooting a .300 Weatherby Mag with 240gr Sierra MatchKings, Ken set a new 10-shot Heavy Gun World Record score of 100-8X. The group size was pretty amazing too. A measured 3.137″, Ken’s ten shots also set a new group record at the Williamsport range, besting the previous mark set 13 years ago by John Voneida (3.151″ and 100 score). Brucklacher’s group is just 0.089″ larger than the 3.048″ all-time, 1000-yard small group shot last month by Joel Pendergraft.

Dave Miller Co here in Tucson makes many of their custom marksman rifles chambered in 300 Weatherby. Dave and his partner Curt Krum use 300 Weatherby chambered rifles to hunt coues wt at very long distances. Dave has one of the largest collections of trophy head coues wt.

As for other weatherby chamberings for long range..........four of us use our custom 257 weatherby rifles for coues wt hunting as well as some other species. The four of us have killed 6 elk, 16 coues deer, 1 antelope, 2 javelina and a few varmints out to 600 yds. This chambering is a wonderful blend of flat shooting and mild recoil. I wouldn't be without one. All of us shoot the 115 Berger VLD.
So 6 years ago a guy came close to the group record?
I don't discount its a good cartridge its just been improved upon with better more efficient cartidges. Doesn't make it bad but the f your loading your own and looking for the most accuracy with the most power there are better choices. This is just my opinion
they are never going to compete with newer much more efficient cases that offer similar performance with MUCH less recoil.
I'll come right out and say it, this is simply false. Please name even one cartridge that matches your statement. There are NONE! You might find one or two that can slightly outperform a Wby with less powder, but to say "much more efficient" with "MUCH less recoil" is hyperbole, not fact. Efficiency can be enhanced with a good case design but it will always be primarily a function of case capacity. Larger cases are less efficient.

If you discover a cartridge that's more efficient, softer recoiling, more powerful and more accurate than a Wby chambering you're going to make a ton of money. So far it doesn't exist.

By the same token you're not going to find a Wby cartridge that beats the others in every way. Supposedly the radiused shoulder aids efficiency, but Roy's designs were always poised right above the competition in horsepower (case capacity). That is still true for most of his chamberings. The 300 and 340 are ahead of Winchester's offerings, and the 378-based Weatherbys top RUMs and Lapuas.

There are a few reasons why they're not as popular:
Factory ammo and brass are usually more expensive and may be hard to find
Few non-Wby rifles are chambered for Wby cartridges
Bigger Wby designs won't fit into a Rem 700-sized action

Anyone that has owned one of them knows about the allure however. It's like being a member of a club :D
a few years back, there was a 16 year old kid with a MK.V in 300 mag that literally tore up the 1000 yard circuit on the east coast. He even used the factory barrel. The kid always finished in the top five at meets that included Bare and a few other big names. He never broke any records, but always shot under six inches rather consistently. How many of you can do that?

The kid's competition mostly used various 30 calibers, but the .300 Ackley and other Weatherby mags were his main competition. The Ackley was really nothing but a sharp shouldered .300 mag.

This leads us a conversation with a guy I used to know that built 1000 yard rifles for a living. He told me there were a gazillion rounds to shoot that range, but none were really any better than the .300 mag to start with. (by the way he and Jim Borden thought little of the .300 RUM) Of course now days we see various 6.5's and some 7mm's,and we know they shoot well
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