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  • While I have your ear....could you give me the contact info # one more time....I forwarded the lasst info and deleted. In case this next guy wants to talk to you about it.
    Hi Rocco,
    I have done ladder tests using Magnum and 107SMKs and 117DTACs and both looks very promising. At 300yds with the 107s I had a 7 shot cluster in 1 1/2 inches with 56.5 to 59.5 of Magnum with velocity from 3265 to 3444. I hit 3400 with 58.0gr. With the 117s (115DTACs should be close) I had 2 shots touching with 59.0 and 59.5 of Magnum with velocity of 3345 and 3344, this looks real promising. Just need some decent weather in central In to shoot. I'll keep you up to date on how it shoots. Feel free to call anytime with ?s.
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