338RUM Dies for long range shooting?


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Nov 14, 2009
I am still pretty new to long range shooting and reloading both, what dies do I need for 338 Ultra Mag for long range shooting. I have told that the standard $35 dies will not be good enough. I intend to use the gun for long range hunting 300-1200 yard ranges.
I produce just as good ammo with a set of 35.00 dies as I do my 250.00 set of Redding dies. I do like the Redding bushing dies, because I like to have the ability to have different neck tensions. You can also get a set of Lee collet dies that produce ammo as good as any.
I use the Hornady Custom grade #544389 it has a sleeve that holds the bullet straight while it is being seated in the case.
I use standard RCBS 338 RUM dies that do so well that any increased cost for what little improvement is possible would be senseless. I couldn't ask for any more consistency and accuracy that my current 338 system provides.
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