to build or not to build.. 260 rem


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Nov 22, 2009
am planning on building yet another rifle.. thinking about a super lightweight 260 rem.. or maybe a sporter weight.. the super light weight just sounds better for lugging up and down mountains.. still want to be able to shoot 500 yards on game from coyotes to elk. should i shoot berger vld, accubond or something else? would like to find one load and stick to it. but would also like some reccomendations on barrel length and size for this application.. thanks

well I have two 260 now and If I wanted a super light weight one I would keep the barrel profile around .600 or less and my length would be 26" fluted I would set the rifle in a Manners MCS-T ultralight stock.

I would shoot Bergers and have a wayats box mag instaled
has anyone seen the lone wolf stocks? dont know anything about thm but they have a thumbhole at about 1.5 lbs and another stock thats 12 oz.but i do like the ultralight hunter by manners.. what taper do i need as to not be too whippy?
I use a heavy barrel .308 at 18" with a full 1" contour. This thing is great for walking through thick brush. It carries a little heavy but is well balanced in my opinion. I have recently read an article that was surmised by the author, that short barrels can be as accurate or more so than a long barrel rifle. So here is what I would suggest. A Hogue Overmolded stock, a 20 to 22" barrel with a finished contour of around .75 with heavy fluting in a 1:8 (So you can plunk the heavy pills at long range) 3 groove. Unless you want to shoot the 120, 130 stuff then a 9 or 10 twist. Mount all of this on a Savage target action. The stock will have to be custum drilled and bedded for the action, but it is worth it. Shoot a 338 Lapua on a choate super sniper stock that required custom drilling and bedding with the target action. In my mind it was worth every penny. 20MOA base and your scope of choice. I like it... wish I had the money to build one!:rolleyes:

That's what I would do!:D

OHHH, did you think about the 6.5x284. This would be a good application for that to be a hunting rig. MMMM zippy!!!gun):D That should let you knock some things down.

Take no offense my friend, but the poster was asking about a light 260 and you send him toward a 338 Lapua. Don't get it.
Take no offense my friend, but the poster was asking about a light 260 and you send him toward a 338 Lapua. Don't get it.

Good call my friend, my bad!!!:rolleyes:

What I was saying is use all the components I mentioned, but chamber for the 260 or the 6.5x284 in a 20 to 22" 3 groove Lilja with a tight twist so you can shoot the heavy boattails to get you to range. But he said 500yrds, so then a 9 or 10 twist may be the better option to shoot the 120 to 130 bullets. I like the Hogue for one reason... it is rubberized, sticky grips, and not real heavy. I would think this woud allow for a 8 to 9lb. rifle fully dressed out. The reason I added the 6.5x284 is that you could get some extra velocity for squirting the bullets out of a shorter barrel for taking game out to 600, 800 yards.

I was using the Lapua as an example, but not pushing the caliber. Sorry Brian for any confusion.

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