Tired of seeing single shots yet???


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Jan 28, 2007
South Dakota
Figured I'd better redeem myself with all the single shot stuff.

Here's a 6.5-284 huntin n killin gun that I'm wrappin up.

Here she is cookin away. . .


Right after beddin:


Machining for floor metal: 1:1 fit, no bedding here.


Oky doke, stock is finish machined top and bottom. Ready for the pad, some scrubbing, paint, and then the fun stuff. . .


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Here's the floor metal installed. I leave em a smidge over the stock because the paint will fill in the height. This way it's all flush when its done.




And finally, the barreled action sittin in its new home.


Tang is sitting up a bit because the barrel is lifting the back up a hair. No worries, CLEARANCE that LUG!! so that it doesn't hurt anything!!

Thanks for lookin!

All the best,

Nice work, looking great. Thanks for the pics and sharing.
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I have to say, your bedding looks absolutely amazing... I've been utterly impressed with it every time I see some of your work. I'm sure the rest is equaly top notch, but the bedding is very visual.

I will probably email you in the next months about a build.

Oliver Lottermann
I look forward to seeing your posts. I was hoping these would be pic's of my rifle :) .
Great pictures. We always learn from your threads.

Looks like you erased the writing off the top of your vise. That's right, I saw it in your last bedding post. I got a good laugh out of it.
Thanks for posting. Chuck.
Seeing your work ****es me off!

I'm still trying to get a smooth and finish on a project I'm working on.

The last thou, remembering to divide by two and final polishing is PUNISHING!

I'm gonna put a hobs on the lathe and keep track of its hours. Keeping track of my time is ludicrous and demoralizing ........but enjoyable.

Keep posting.
+1 your bedding job looks awesome.
Nice to see the process of your work.
Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.
To all,

First off thanks for the kind words. Always nice to hear as it's encouraging to keep going down this path.

More good news; That 300 RUM that I recently finished up just got shot an hour or so ago. Appears to be working. I literally threw together some handloads (168 Berger VLD, 79.0 RL22, 215 Fed, Rem Brass) and totally swagged the seating depth. Went to the range, girly posted the targets for me as I bore sighted the scope, and then went for it.

First five were everywhere then she settled down. It's a solid 1/3rd minute group so I'm pleased.

That should raise hell on critters this summer.

Ok, off to the movies!

Have a great weekend all and again, thanks.


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