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  • Sorry about not getting back sooner but I had to look for your name, me an this pooter go in 2 different directions. as for my barrel it is a heavy barrel with a 12 twist. A 12 twist will not handle a heaver bullet than a 70 gr acuratue. I wanted to shoot 110gr an 120gr. To shoot these it takes a 8 or 9 twist. I bought the gun new and was tring to scope it in with 110gr an could not hit the target. moved the target to 50 yards and the hole in it was where the bullet hit side ways. Called my gun smith and this is hoe I found out it wouldnt shoot the heaver bullets. So I had him put a Hart barrel on it and it shoots perfect. I would like to sell it but I am a trader also.
    Thanks Gene
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