Thumbhole stock rifle? Can't find em!


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Feb 12, 2004
I have handled a few thumbhole stocked rifles and I freaking love them. They have all been more varmiter like style/loads. I can not find one in the larger loadings like a .300RUM, 338 Lapua or 30-378 ROY. I was wondering if anyone knows of any being made or some good options.

I am also considering getting one in a medium calibure for a lightweight carry rifle for out to say 500 yards on Elk/Mule deer. Suggestions wanted on that asl well.

Thanks all!!
Manners T5A is your answer for the stock !

My 338 Lapua in a Manners T5A
I have done up a couple of "budget" rifles in the last few months. Gotta say...for the price BOYD'S (I think that is how you spell it) thumbhole laminated stocks are an incredable value!! Check them out. And yes, they will need a bedding job, but so did the 800 dollar McMillan A-5!!!
I personally don't care for the wood stocks.

The altitude, temperature and humidity changes we have here don't work well with wood stocks.

I have seen forearms pressure barrels when they shift and move going from the flat lands to the high country.

Might work great in other parts of the country, I am not a fan of them for here.

have seen factory and custom laminates move like this....
the Manners are the nicest thumbholes on the market IMO. McMillan also has two models. The cheapest route for a fiberglass one is the Bell and Carlson Premier thumbhole.
I haven't tried every stock out there, but Manners T5A--at least for me--is my favorite. No doubt this isn't necessary, but I cannot help myself...


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I have an HS Precision thumbhole that i no longer use -shooting off of sticks it is great but when i use it on the bench the bottom of the pistol grip area runs over the back of my handwhen using a rear bag.
After a good bit of shooting it begins to hurt enough to effect my shooting.

Do you guys have a problem with thumbholes doing this ?
savage offers the model 11 BTH in 270 and 30-06 factory

and if you want it in something bigger then yu can call savage and talk to them about the 300 wm or 338 wm as they well put any barrel they have on hand on what you want from what i gather
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