Sendero 300 win mag handloads


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Dec 5, 2009
Auburn, Ky
I was wondering if anyone has any hand loads for the Sendero 300 win mag for deer hunting and maybe a few for long range paper punching just thought since I have a rifle thats capable of shooting long range I might as well see what she will do...Thanks for any and all input:D
hey for me I have a 300wm in a sps with a26" 1:10 twist.would think this is the same for you,but your barrel is bigger at the muzzel.and for me a 168g berger vld with 76g of 7828, 200 cci primer, and rem brass @3.550 is working good.even a 200g smk with 74g of N170, win mag primer, rem brass @3.545 works good.but most of the guys are useing h1000,or R22.with great results.cannot say what the loads are but you should be able to find them.if not try another site like sniperhide.there is alot of info for a 300wm their.just try to look for it first in their reloading depot.hope to have helped.John
For my deer load I'm pushing the 180gn Ballistic Tip with 75.5gn of RL22 and a BR2 primer. This is pushing 3100fps from the stock 26" barrel on my Savage 112BVSS. Accuracy runs sub MOA. This is a max load according to Nosler #6 so work up to it. JohnnyK.
My favorite powders for this caliber have been H-4831SC and H-1000, Fed-215 primers and Norma brass. I've been using the 180 Accubonds and have had good results on game and paper. Only use one bullet for both makes it much easier. I have also recently heard good things about the Nosler 180 E-Tips but haven't tried them myself. I would try a few bullet powder combinations and do work up loads to see what your gun likes. You may even go with a heavier bullet in the Sendero, it may give you better long range results. I stuck with the 180's only because my 700 is a lightweight carry rifle right at 6-3/4 lbs without a brake.
I have a new Sendero 300 win mag.
The load that I currently have worked up for it is with Barnes 180gr ttsx bullets, CCI 250 mag primers and H1000 powder. I worked it up to max load and then ended up backing it off 2.5 grains. The gun shoots cloverleafs at 200 yards. Have not had an opportunity to try farther yet. The bullets are seated .05 off the lands.

I recently picked up some Berger 185gr VLD hunting bullets - hope to give those a try soon.
I had very good results with my sendero in 300 WM with this load

200gr Sierra Gamekings
Winchester Brass
Winchester Large Rifle Primers
72 grains IMR 7828

2840-2860 FPS

Good BC on bullet. Easy to find brass and primers. Always shot MOA or better as long as I could from field positions.

I got my deer last year with that rifle at 625.

good luck

H-1000, Norma brass, Fed 215's.. Shooting 200 gr Accubonds in my heavy long range gun and 180 gr Sirocco's for deer with my carry rifle.
i loaded for several 300 wm senderos. we used lapua brass. imr-4350 and either 165 baltip or 168 cbt at about 3000 fps for deer out to 600 yards or so. for long range we loaded 210 bergers with 70 to 72 re-22. they all shot real good. roninflag
My fav is 73.5gr RL22 under a 200gr Nosler Accubond. CCI 250LRM primers, and fired neck-sized R-P Cases. Shoots sub-half MOA all day long in my rifle. OAL ~3.45"

2812 FPS. This is my long-range hunting load, and it shoots surprisingly flat. It's getting up there on pressure, I get a slightly cratered primer. Work up to this load.
I have the same rifle, model 700 sendero in 300 win mag. This was my first time reloading so I struggled as well as learned a lot during the handloading process. After about 2 months of playing with different powder amounts and bullet seat depths I developed an easy to replicate load. The sendero's big barrel is very picky about powder amounts. A half grain of powder was the difference between 2 MOA groups and 0.6 MOA groups. My consistent 0.6 MOA load was barnes 180g tsx with 71.0gr of IMR 4831, fed. brass and cci magnum primers. I just used the standard COAL which is 3.34" I think? I used the normal COAL because I was testing the different powder amounts and wanted eliminate other variables and when I got great sub MOA groups I figured why change the COAL . I was shooting at just above sea level in about 40-45 degrees ferenheit and the bullet was goin at 3860 fps out of the muzzle.
I've killed lots of animals with this bullet and it is a great load. It depends if you like the barnes or not though, I've had some great kills when shooting high shoulder, and the bullet punches right through the bone. I did however shoot a big bull elk at 425 where I hit just at the very top of the lung slightly behind the shoulder (about 6-8") and the bullet passed right through. It dropped the animal relatively quickly but the bull stood up after an hour like he was not that injured, a quick shoulder shot as I was walking up to him did the job though. I feel that partition bullet would have done the job on the first shot but in the barnes' defense, I missed my target. In other words, this is a great load, a big bull elk doesn't die easily, and you don't have to be scared of punching through that should on a quarting towards shot. I shot a big bodied muley buck at 350yds quartering-towards and the bullet passed through the shoulder, devastated the vitals, and continued to pass through the oppsite side hind-quarter right through the upper leg bone.
Give this load a try, it's very nice when you don't have to mess around with COAL. I am currently in the process of loading some berger 185 gr with h1000 and I am struggling with the COAL and it is very frustrating when you know that there are two variables accounting for innacuracy, COAL and powder amounts.
Cheers and Happy Hunting from Bozeman, MT

-Mack (Montana State University - Environmental Studies Major. Age 22)
My fav is 73.5gr RL22 under a 200gr Nosler Accubond. CCI 250LRM primers, and fired neck-sized R-P Cases. Shoots sub-half MOA all day long in my rifle. OAL ~3.45"

2812 FPS. This is my long-range hunting load, and it shoots surprisingly flat. It's getting up there on pressure, I get a slightly cratered primer. Work up to this load.

I am using a rock creek 26" 10" gain twist barrel this year, throated with a PTG 300 Win Match reamer. Using the 200 accubond I started at 76 grains H1000 with a Federal GMM primer (H1000 and GMM primer as per US/NATO spec). I found best accuracy at 79 grains, 2920 fps .524 moa at 300 yards! Work up to this load starting with 75 grains.
my favorite 300 win load to date

225 grain hornady bthp

federal large rifle magnum match primers

74.7 grains retumbo

24" barrel 1 in 10 twist

2750 fps

5 shot groups to small to measure at 100 yrds seems to be 1/4" at 200gun)

a 26" barrel should get you 2800+

This load has excellent brass life.
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