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  • I am a longtime lurker on this forum, but I do not interact very often. I would like to get your opinion on some reloading questions for my 270 WSM, but I cannot figure out how to PM you on this forum. If you are willing to share your opinion, will you please PM me (I assume there is a PM tool on here somewhere, and I am just not smart enough to find it.) to start a conversation I can respond to? Thank you, sir.
    Hi my name is Travis I have been working lds up for my stw its a rem 700 with a 26" tube I love the Barnes bullets iv got some 150gn tsx with 79.5gns imr 7828ssc and they are all but in the same hole at 100 yrds my coal is rite at what my mag will allow to fit with out useing it as a single shot I want to try the 145 lrx do you have any load data that I might be able to work a load from I have not tried rl25 yet but it hates rl22 that's y im using the 7828 I've read a lot of posts and u seem to be the go to guy my 300rum loves rl25 and 7mm mag loves rl22 I'm not sure on the speeds but the accuracy I'm at with the stw I'm happy with I haven't got a good load yet with the 140 tsx or ttsx yet thanks for your time

    Keep admiring your STW for sale. Any interest in doing some trading. I might not have what interests you but thought I'd ask.
    Mr. ButterBean

    I have a buddy that told me he is pushing a 150grain 3789fps in a 7RUM....
    You think this is possible? Safe? I started to tell him he was full of xxxx .. but though I would ask some of yall. first

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