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Dec 24, 2007
Setting up my new 700 7mm rem mag and want to do it right the first time. Not to shure what I like yet so far I got leupold 1 peace on my .06. I think this is a good solid mount. The 7 got weaver 2 peace ya it nice being able to remove it but what about if you drop it how sturdy is it? Is the extra wieght going to any thing? Or is there somthing I am missing
If you drop it...I'm assuming your talking about dropping the scope...if so count on sending it in for repairs or worse yet you'll be buying a new one. I'm not a fan of removing a scope once it's mounted unless it's a permanent change. IMHO I wouldn't concern myself with weight. By the way...maybe I missed it but, what scope are you wanting to mount?
I gess what I am tyring to say is I got firends that got 700's and other stuff not your costom stuff just hunting rifles. Some of them treat them a new born baby put covers on them when it rains out (the rifle) just over the top in my eyes. put it this way 1 year with my bow I got 5 pins 20 to 60 yards by the end of deer season the only pins that wernt bent were my 20 & 30. I climb trees crawl throug buck brush the places pepleo dont go a lot of the time I am in places that a scope has no right be untill I get set up. I treat my gear hard (I use it) more than 1 trip a year just want somthing strong. there has been times when swing it and a tree stops me. Then I stare at my rifle and wonder if it is still on? I gess I am over thinking agine. It is part of my job I myself am the only mechanic for a company that has got construsion equipment dump truck semis stuff like that. in the off season I rebiuld every thing. So I sit there and think of ways that ALL the operators can and will break it just doing the same here. As far as witch scope might be that new nikon coyote special
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For a long range rifle, I will typically check the zero on a rifle 3 or 4 times during three months of hunting with it. It does not matter what rings and bases and scopes are one it. Small errors in the zero become big errors at long range.

For short range work say under two hundred yards it does not matter nearly so much because an inch or two off zero means nothing when shooting at deer.

You can minimize the amount a scope is knocked off when banged around but I do not know of anyway to totally prevent it. First get a one piece base with weaver slots. Second is to get rings such as the Burris Extreme which are very wide and have extra screws. A benefit to a one piece base is that the front and rear rings are lined up for sure.

Do not over torque rings and crush the scope tube!!!

Do take care of your lenses with some kind of covers such a a Scope coat or flip ups or just what comes with them in the box. Scratched up lenses means poor quality sight picture. Also clean them in a safe manner that does not scour the coatings.
Buffalobob has it piece base, strong rings, don't over torque and lens covers-particularly with your hunting style.
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