Scope mounts

I am going to plug Burris Signature rings (in several formats) here. For a light gun, the base Signature Zee rings set across split front and rear mounts would be reasonably light. And NO LAPPING. The plastic inserts have some people scared. Worried they will move. I am as certain as the day will come tomorrow, that the scope or the bases will lose the fight before the plastic inserts will. The inserts have so much bearing area on the scope and rings that the screws, bases, or scope will fail long before those inserts will.

Split front and rear bases always have more of a tendency to not be perfectly aligned. Thus the recommendation from many to use one piece bases. But with the Burris Signature rings, a little mis alignment is no problem. And you will save some weight.

And you can get the canted inserts if you want to go long range, or adjust for a gun that is drilled a little wrong. You can use the offset insets not only to adjust elevation, but also, by rotating, you can adjust windage. With enough patience, you could theoretically adjust a scope to the middle of its windage range, and then use the inserts to get the windage to zero. Same with elevation, but I think most of us would prefer the elevation to be in the low part of the scope range, so as to optimize longer ranges.

And finally, they won't mar your scope. I cannot stand marring a $700 scope, let along the $2000 stuff some of you have. No lapping needed.
Double "like". If a guy is not going with the Talleys (for extra light) he might as well go with the Burris with the plastic inserts. They are fantastic. To entertain myself one time I used the off sets to sight in a rifle. I like shooting. What can I say.:)
Look at DNZ mounts. I have one on my 17 Remington. Very happy with it. Otherwise I use a rail and seekins / vortex rings.
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