rifle Anti-cant/angle indication


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Jan 22, 2008
Hey all. Im wondering what is the most cost effective way to level and tell angle on a LR rifle with some degree of accuracy and speed. I have been looking at the Defensive Edge AC/ACI mount but think it may be a bit more than I wanna spend. I will get it if it is the hands down best system out there, but i would like to know if there are more options. so the requirments are
-scope mounted on 30mm tube (I dont have a picitinny)
-somewhat small

I saw the U.S optics C-level on OpticsPlanet for $70, but that leaves the angle to be found. Shawns model sell for about $225 with the bottom ring. I have seen cheaper ones from Midway, but cant seem to find them now. If I go with just a C-Level is there another way to tell angle that is FAST. Right now I use the protractor/string/paper-clip combo and it works, but not very well. i think that I'm gonna land up getting the DE one, but If anyone has anything that works for them let me know. Thanks!

If your laser rangefinder gives you the angle why would you need an indicator on your rifle?

joseph, I havent found a decent rangefinder that will give me my angle. I want something that will range beyond 500 yards (bushnell,leupold) so I go with Lecia. Also thats what I can borrow so its what I use.
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