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Mar 13, 2003
Southern Wisconsin
I was wondering if anyone out there knows the approx. cost of reloading a box (20) of 300 win mag rounds. I'm trying to convince the bank (Mrs. Pratesi) that I need a RCBS Rock Chucker master reloading kit. I'm currently shooting Winchester supreme failsafes @ $36 a box. I'd like to try 190gr SMK with H-1000 powder and fed. 215 primers.(already have winchester brass) These components seem to get pretty positive feedback. If anybody can get me close on the cost I'd appreciate it. Thanks,
Chris Pratesi
Hi Winmagman, I reloaded 100rds of 300WSM for my brother-in-law, with everything new, Dies, Brass, powder, everything, $93. 5 boxes of Win. brand failsafes, $180, you do the math.
Look up some component cost and you can figure it out pretty easily.

Ballpark: bullet 20cents for MK,SST, AMax
primer 4 cents for match primers
powder 20cents assume $17/lb and 85 shots per lb.
cases free

A lee anniversary set will cost you under $100 and with a few extra stuff will get you loading match quality ammo. My set has loaded thousands of very accurate rds and I highly recommend this as a place to start at any price.

Reloading is going to cut your shooting cost by at least 50%.

Let's say the powder is $16 a pound (which is ball park for 8 pound lots). If you load 70grs you get 100 rounds per pound. You can get bullets for about $21 a box of 100. Primers go for about $75 for 5,000.
Powder = $0.16 per round.
Bullet = $0.21 per round.
Primer = $0.015 per round.
So 20 rounds = $7.74 = 79% savings
Tell her, "Honey, this is like having an 80% off sale at the dress store." Do not tell her we have ignored shipping, taxes, and hazardous duty fees. Also do not mention you will now be shooting 10 times as much in addition to putting in more quality time with the reloader than with her. Of course you would never dream of trying any of the 75 bullets, 12 powders, 6 primers, or 5 types of cases other people suggest. Finally, pretend they give away reloading presses, dies, scales, benches, and the 50 other gadgets you will get. And in the future never, ever make the mistake I did of telling her how many thousands of dollars you saved her by reloading. She just may save you that much at the dress store.
Ok, this is what I load for my 300 Win Mag
Brass (used 5 times) $0.060
74 gr IMR4350 $0.169
165gr Nosler BT $0.260
Fed. Magnum Primer $0.017
Total per round $0.506

Box of 20 $10.12

Beats the heck out of $30++ per box...Plus I can tune them for my rifle.

Thanks Guys
Those are exactly the kind of numbers I was looking for, I think they helped. Think I've got approvale to jump in and get my feet wet this fall. Thanks again
I just went through what you are going through...except for the wife part, im only 18. The costs are amazing, i was paying $40+ for my 300 ultra and now i can do it for $11.50 and thats with 100 grains of powder. I can load my 7mm mag for 6 dollars a box! I bought a RCBS digital scale for $150 and it made a world of a difference. You can also fit the ammo to your rifle. Tell your wife its like a costum hemm job to her dress.
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