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  • My 140’s have a cannelure. Is that ok? If so I’ll see how many I can trade. Should be at least 100
    i have a box and a half of the 140 6.5 sbt game kings and a full box of the 160 sbt game kings. they are spitzers, not hp's . I would trade all 250 for your 200 tmks Thanks Stephen 520-245-5748
    Hespco I fill like I owe you an apology on the bullets. I'll take them if you still have them. Geez, it's just $58.50. Reason I was concerned was I got burn't for a $148.00 recently and was still feeling the sting. If you want to sell them just let me know your address and I"ll send the money order.

    the broker who has the listing it is $575,000. If I sell direct price is $550,000. If you want you can call me at ( 970 0 247-0873. Dom
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