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  • I didn't really want to say "hey look at cenrershot rifles, cause the guys shooting them in some of those videos aren't wearing any hearing protection" in an open forum. But they aren't. So wrote it here.
    Also, if all goes well, ill be getting the 4 port muscle break for Christmas for my 300 wby, mostly because, of the people I know that own them, all shoot w.o. earplugs when hunting, & a few even say it directs SOOO much blast away from the shooter they forgot to put ear plugs in for the first few rounds at the range. P.M. bigngreen for his first hand info if you'd like. I did. Him & a few others I really trust. I've shopped stout.d, & for $115-150 you can get a break from Jim. Figure around $100 +/- to get it installed by your local smith, as Jim is busy till May, I think.
    Good luck with your choice.
    I just took in a VX-III that I bought from Tikamike with varmint crosshairs to thier custom shop to get the varmint hunter Boone & Crockett reticle put in. The upgrade costs $109.99 and the warranty is still 100% lifetime eventhough I'm not the origional purchaser of that scope.

    I've even sent them a second hand fixed 4X years ago that wouldn't hold zero on my .338 they didn't even make that model anymore, but they retro fitted brand new glass, & installed brand new crosshairs, & shipped it back to me for free.
    So ya, if I was you, & had a problemb with any Leupold is send it in. Fixes are free. Upgrades cost you some $, but not much.
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