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Mar 2, 2002
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What type of rangefinder do most of you guys use for long range hunting or shooting and how much was it? Also when you do go long range shooting, do you sight in your rifle for a certain distance say 1000 yards or do you just go by the range you are shooting at and adjust your scope?
My friends and I go by the range we are shooting and adjust the scope to what the range finder is telling us.

We use the Russian Military LRU-1 laser, the Barr and Stroud and the Wild Optical rangefinders which all are military units.

The optical ones are about $500.00 and the Russian laser is about $3000.00. It (Russian Laser)is the best one I have ever used and I have used most all that have been made to date.

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I use a small Bushnell 1000 for local Crow and Woodchuck shooting out to 600-ish yds, as my state is very small... but for Prairie Dogs out west, I use a Wild optical rangefinder, and for my 50BMG cal rifle, I use an AN/GVS-5 military laser rangefinder.

The little comercial lasers won't cut it for real long ranges (or ranging over very flat land for PD's)...
... for the true long ranges that are past 1000 yds/meters to 3000 mtrs, you must use a military unit.

I use the Wild optical rangefinder it was around $500. I site my rifle in at 100 meters and have a drop chart that is in meters and adjust my scope for the range the I am shutting.

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I have a pair of Lecia's that have spent the last three years within arm's reach.I bought a Wild range finder to use when the Lecia's run out of gas, but the Lecia's take care of 95% of my shooting.
I have never heard of a Russian LRU-1 that needed repaired that wasen't dropped over a mountain.

There is a fellow in Canada that can work on them if needed but, he said, other then an ocassional battery charger being wired wrong by a person not knowing how to do it, they keep on ticking like the Timex.

The LRU-1 is the most powerful available to the shooter/hunter. It will range out to 12 Miles and start at 140 meters. It will also repeat readings in all conditions of sunlight, shade, rain or light snow.

A very good unit as are all the military lasers.

The Wild and Barr and Stroud are also very good optical units.

I wonder how many times you can "fire" the laser before it fails to work? How do you charge the battery when in the mountains elk hunting? Is it a DC input charger etc?

here's a place for the Wild range finder.
It comes with two batteries. One is stored in the small carry case and one in the unit itself.

Each battery is good for over 300 shots before it is in need of a charge.

It also comes with an adaptor that will hook to your car or truck battery and can be used that way in an emergency.

A full season of elk hunting in Colorado has not run ONE battery down for me and we experiment and laser many objects just for the fun of it.

You could recharge it off a generator and the charger comes with it.


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The AN/GVS-5 is the american equivalent to the Ruskie LRU-1.

As to which is more "powerful", they are both so powerful that they can range to their full limit under the most horrible conditions.

The AN/GVS has a range of 10,000 meters, under the worst condidtion... and by worst, I mean WORST!

I have ranged across a valley in fog so thich, I couldn't see more than 100 yards, and got the accurate range on the other side of 4,000 meters.

The case holds 3 batteries, and I have a total of five. I will probably buy a bunch more, as Nicads are going out of style.

The unit is indestructable, so I'm not worried about it "breaking", unless I fall off a cliff with it, in which case I won't need to worry too much... but I have a full parts kit, including a new mounted laser unit, plus repare manuals.

The laser unit (a solid state crystal) won't wear out... it has a life of 10,000,000 firings.


I believe you will find the Russian to be more powerfull with a range of 20,000 meters through the worst conditions also.

We are both in the same position as far as having the luxury of owning one of the military units.

I have tried the American "litton" made military unit and it is very good also.

The price was about the same as the Russians that I have and have been selling.

What are the units you have, selling for when you can get them? Are they coming direct from the Military or are they being advertised from a company as being military "grade" ?
There is a BIG difference. Most I have seen and heard of in use by the American military
at present is still the Litton product.

Some or most of the units used at present in the American military cost around $10,000.00 plus, if they are the "true" military production.
The Russians are the true military production.


Mine is military, and I have the military battery charger with it (it would give a NASA engineer a wet dream). I paid a LOT for it.

There is a difference in the use of the words "power" and "range"... I believe they both put out about the same amount of energy, but the Ruski unit is gated for 20,000, and the American unit is gated for 10,000.

Of course it is moot, as my 50BMG won't hit past 6,000 meters if I shoot it up at 35 degrees


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