Range finder or spotting scope?


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Jul 9, 2008
If we get drawn I will be going on my first SD antelope hunt this fall and I would like to add one of these to my hunting gear so I am looking for ideas as to which one is more usefull. I will be shooting my 300WTBY with a 4-12 swarovski scope with 168 gr berger bullets that has worked great for deer out to 500yds.
To shoot far enough to need a spotting scope in a hunting situation, you first need a rangefinder.

The caveat is if you are truly trophy hunting. At least for me, antelope bucks are difficult to judge. You would need a spotting scope to really determine if it is a shooter, even before the range you need a rangefinder to shoot.
+++++ On buy the Lieca and borrow a spotting scope. My Lieca did a great job last fall. I would borrow out my spotting scope before I would borrow out my Lieca. Dale
Last year my new 1500 Bushnell wouldn't range antelope at around 700 yds. My wife and I missed the opportunity at a couple of book bucks because of that ***. I returned it the next day and I'm ordering a Swarovski range finder tonight. IMO, like others have said, buy the best range finder you can afford. The grass, sage, and miles of wide open spaces make an excellent laser a necessity. That is of course unless you know someone that has a Swaro you can borrow, then buy a spotter.

What area did you apply for?
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