Putting Nikon lifetime warranty to the test


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Dec 4, 2001
Canyon Ferry, MT
I picked up a used Nikon Tactical 2.5-10x44 recently. It is not tracking properly.

There is a 3MOA (12 click) spot in the elevation knob that causes no movement at all in the relative position of the reticle. The rest of the rotation produces erratic and inconsistent adjustments.

I shipped the scope to Nikon's Warranty repair facility in Torrance California today. Will keep you all posted on how this turns out.

The Scope came with a full lifetime warranty, regardless if you are the original owner, so we'll see.

Marine, Sakofan says they're as good as Leupold, but from what I've heard from a local gunshop owner, it's not that good, some people have all the bad luck I guess, good luck on yours, I'm sure they'll fix it, I've looked through the scope you've got at Scheel's sporting goods, and it seems like a really good scope, all in all, how do you like the scope, as far as clarity and such? Semper Fi, Jay

The optical quality seems better than my Leupolds. Overall it seems like a great scope. Rugged. Real nice turrets. Nice reticle. Very solid feel to it.

At this point I feel confident that Nikon will stand behind their product. Time will tell.

Here's a pic, alongside Leupold 3.5-10x40 LR M3.

Yeah, I like the Nikon's, as Jay says.

All scopes fail. I do like the optical quality of the Nikon over the Leupold VX III.
But, time will tell if Nikon will live up to the toughness of the Leupold products.

I am also curious how fast the turn around is on your scope, MM

I really tought the Nikon tac. was a real nice scope. Love the turrets!..Good luck, and keep us posted..sakofan..
Recieved a repair notice from Nikon in the mail today. Scope is being repaired. Cost to me is $00.00.

Nikon has a website where you can check on service status by entering name and service order number. I thought "holy ****, they must get a lot of repair work" but on further thought, considering all the myriad of optical stuff they make, it is understandable.

So far so good...

Good deal. Nice to see the fast return for you..sakofan..

Not many people have had to return stuff to them that I know of.You and a friend of a friend dropped his rifle from a tree stand, broke the Nikon Buckmaster in half,sent it back and they replaced it..no questions asked.
Had the Nikon Tactical 2.5-10x44 out yesterday.

The problem with the elevation was not corrected by the warranty service. Still a 3 MOA "dead spot" in each revolution of the elevation turret.

I guess from here I can try to call someone in charge and raise hell.

Ian, if you know a name/number of anyone at Nikon I should try to contact in regards to this problem, please let me know.

Never should have strayed away from Leupold.

I got this *** on a trade for a Leupy LR. What a ******* I was.


Thanks for your help in this matter. Nikon is very apologetic, and most interested in resolving this. They are sending me a new scope. Cannot ask for more than that.

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