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  • Since I won a Vortex Crossfire II from you Doug. I bought the Nikon S6900 camera you had left order 7489026. Hope to see it ship out soon friend. Your a busy guy for sure. Registered for the Leupold bino's while on Camera Land too. They look very nice!
    I hv savage 110 in .338
    I need optics for out to 1000. Yards
    Will the 6.5-20x50mm work for me and still for sale for the 279.00 price.
    If so how to order
    do you still have this is stock?

    Viper PST 4–16x50 Riflescope with EBR-1 Reticle (MRAD) PST-416S1-M @ $579.99

    i'm all over that if you still do!
    What happened to the minox scope and add binos for a penny deal. Saw it and came back 20min later and its gone!
    Doug, do you know of any Zeiss decals in existance? Ive been looking far and wide for a few... I forgot to ask you in my scope order converstaion.
    I am looking at a different riflescope for my 375 ruger. Currently I have a nightforce 2.5-10 on it but that is getting put on a different rifle. I want to keep the magnification somewhere in the 2.5 or 3 to 10 power range. I have been looking at the vortex and bushnell scopes and see you sell them. I don't want to spend more than $300. What is a bushnell short action scope? I have 30mm rings on the rifle right now and don't want to spend money for a different set of rings. Some sort of BDC would be nice but not the deciding factor.
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