Put my hands on new 300 Ultra today!

Michael Eichele

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Jan 6, 2003
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I just got back from visting my gun smith today in Achorage. I wrapped my hands around my new custom 300 RUM. Wow! what a job he has done. Actually its just a barreled action. I will send it off to McMillan to have it bedded in a HTG in woodland cammo
I dont have it yet. I went in and made another payment. AUH I still owe about 600 bucks.

Rifle is on a new 700 action. Set up for switch barrel with a heavy lug and a Lilja #7 straight taper 27" 12 twist barrel. .333 neck diameter. Trigger is sweeeeet!!! 2.5# and breaks like a glass sliver
This will be my 600 yard black bear and moose rifle. I dont know if I want to lug this heavy stick up to 5000' where I hunt sheep. If I do I think it would make a heck of a 1300 yard sheep killer. he-he-he

another 300 rum. that is great. I just got mine. a sendero in 300rum. just put a ultimate sniper stock on it. epoxyed some lead into the grip, cheek piece, fore end. stock now weighs almost 13 lbs. add the barrelled action (6lbs) and scope (1.5lbs) and I have a heavy bench/long range rig. I am currently loading ammo. Monday, I am putting on a leupold 6.5-20 long range target mildot from Premier Reticle. I am soo anxious to shoot this next week. I hope it groups well.
It seems that Remington has a hit with the .300 RUM. Its an awesome round and has a growing fan club. Any idea when someone else is going to start making brass for it?

Frank D
Sounds great, meichele. Please post some pics soon.

Lot of people told me the .300RUM would be a "flash in the pan" when I bought my Sendero S/F. Hahahaha, now they are buying one!

As for bullet selection, my .300RUM shot most all bullets well. Especially 190gr. SMK's, with RL25. 93.2gr. of RL25, to be exact..sakofan..
I was going to try RL-25 and H50BMG and H1000. For bullets I will try the 178 AMAX and the 190 SMK. I have no desire to shoot anything longer than the 190 SMK. Hence the 12 twist. I might try some 200 Interbonds if they are not too long.

Sorry guys no pix yet. I still have to pay it off!! Then its going to McMillan. Will be a few months before I put the first round through it.
Congrats on the 300rum I have had one for several months now not anywhere as good as the one you are building but never the less
a very accurate tool. It is mod. 116sak Savage, first Savage I ever owned but it will not be the last, it likes most bullets
that I have tried, don't get the great vel
barrel is a bit short to suit me 26" You will enjoy your new rifle this is a very effecient case to work with!
I noticed that federal is now producing 300rum with a nickle case. I havent seen brass only for sale yet. By the way my 300rum in a PSS has produced a .160 3 shot group at 100. The load is 200 gr smk. 102.5 gr. H870 and fed 215m.


Shooting a 300rum is definatly a step up. When ranges get past 800 yards, you still have the control over your hits. I have only shot to 1350 so far. With a 20moa base, I still have plenty of elevation in my scope. I am currently using a 16X super sniper, but have just purchased a leupold 6.5-20 M1 LR. At the same 1350, my buddy with an extremely accurate 308 vss, who also has a 20moa base and a great long range scope,(he can out shoot me to 800) had all of his elevation dialed in, and had to hold three feet above the target. He only hit it one out of ten shots. I think this was because his bullets had started to tumble like you have mentioned in another post. For anyone wanting to get a great low cost rig for over 1000yards, this was my formula.

1. PSS in 300rum 725.00
2. 16X super sniper scope from swfa 299.00
3. Leupold long range base 20moa 20.00
4. Leupold 30mm rings 30.00
5. Harris bipod 60.00
6. "Hits at 1350 yards when your buddy cant, Priceless!


P.S. Thanks for the welcom.
Yeah, I have been out several times latley shooting the "extreemly accurate" 308. It will make first round hits in the middle of a sheet of paper (8x11") at 700 and 800 yards and groups around 2-4". It will get me within a few inches at 1k and has grouped as well as 3.5" and as bad as 12" depending on wind. I would like not have to work as hard to shoot them there groups at that range. It is laborious to try and dope the wind with a bullet that takes over 1.8 seconds to reach its destination. Thats the price I pay for living at sea level and in the cold FREAKING air!
My 26" K&P barreled M700 in .300 RUM will do 3200fps with 95.5 gr of Retumbo and a 200 gr Accubond. It is an awesome round and kills like lightning...
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