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Dec 9, 2017
Nov 8, 2011
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Dec 9, 2017
    1. wyoming4x4
      Forgot the 7 rum is right at 51" overall length. Bell and carslon tactical stock, nice piece. fits me well. not able to shoot yet, dam work!
    2. wyoming4x4
      playing with a 7 RUM. built to shoot the 190g matrix bullets. lilja 3 groove stainless, 30" barrel. don't have my camera at the moment and will post some picks once i get home. My guy craig downrange gunsmithing in sheridan wyo built it up for me. Work all the time and not much play time lately. had gun for 2 weeks and not able to shoot! workin north dakota at the moment. Getting all my reloader gear for this rifle.
    3. wyoming4x4
      wyo4x4 checkin in again. hi desert of wyoming. work in red desert and jona field on occassion. guessing this is general area your talking about. Work oil and gas for long time. shoot archery in green river on occasion. you have a great day!
    4. wyomingblizzard
      Thanks Rich. I guess I will have to buy new brass. I new there had to be a reseson. Storm
    5. elkaholic
      The 25-06 brass will work, but you will end up with a very short neck when you fireform it. This is why most people use the .270 brass. The short neck is detrimental to good accuracy. ....Rich
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