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Nov 29, 2011
Salmon, ID
You get to chose one gun to have with you for the rest of your life (thank the good lord we don't have to make such horrible decisions), what is it and why?
Since I like to hunt and have been hunting since the age of 8, choseing a rifle would be one that would kill everything I wanted to hunt. Whether that be animal or target. To me that is my custom 300wm, it will take everything from a squirrel to elk.:)
Actually there is no "one" rifle for everything, it all depends on what you want it to do.

What to you want to do with this one gun
.22Lr would be my "apocalypse" gun, almost indestructible, light, can kill all but the largest of game, a few thousand rounds weighs no more than a few Kg.
Any 300 mag. Win, WSM, Wby, RUM, etc.

Largest bullet selection of ANY caliber. 55grain accelerators to 230 Bergers, and Everything in between.
Gopher to Griz, near to far. It's the all around king in North America.

My second choice would be the ol tried & true workhorse. The 30-06.

Of course the .22lr, 12ga, 338, & the .375 are also excellent choices depending on the situation.
If I was marooned africa, itd be the .375 or .338.
In Alaska, I'd opt for the 338, or 12ga.
If I was stranded in the northeast, I'd opt for the 12ga, or .22lr.
If it was TEOTWAWKI it'd probably be a 22lr.
But, thank God I was born in the Northwest, & ill die here too, so my caliber of choice is a 300mag.
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