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Feb 3, 2009
Hey Guys, I picked up one of these off Craig's list for a good price yesterday. I was wandering what it comes with though because I believe the pole used to mount the sensors is missing. I know some of you construct your own mounting system. I believe all sensors, sunscreen and back screens are there but the owners manual doesn't have a parts inventory. I thought I would check here before I call them direct.
It should come with a small round approximately 3.5 foot long joint if galvanized pipe. It will be about 3/4 inch od. My tube come with 3 small round indentions in the tube which are used to identify where the screens go. One on each end and one in the middle. The rod will have a small enough diameter allowing it to slide through the round holes on the three sensors.
the tube is basic electric conduit on the one my pops and I have. Call them up and they can help you get another tube going or read ahead.
You can alter your tube length on these for more accurate readings. Simply dimple the conduit at the proper spots so the screens can index when you tighten them down, but remember that if you don't measure accurately the readings will be forever off. If it is set for a foot between screens, then dimple at exactly zero, 1 foot and 2 feet on the conduit with a bit of overhang before the end marks (both zero and 2 foot). To dimple simply use a center punch, same as for drilling metal. I'm not 100% sure what we have ours set to for spacing, but I think it's a foot between screens.
I would give Oehler a call. I have spoken to them over the past year, they are very pleasant and responsive. As mentioned in previous posts, the distances of the screens are critical to accurate readings.
Thanks for the info. I will call on Monday and see if they will send/sale me the rod. I am excited to see how close this unit and my CE mellinium 2 are to each other.
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