Need Pod Ideas for a Heavy Gun


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Oct 4, 2002
Gun: 25lb 300 RUM in a Shehane Tracker Laminate (3" flat bottom)

I would like to be able to use a very stable pod off a bench AND keep the bottom of the stock smooth for use with a rest other times i.e. no permanent hardware. I would appreciate clever mounting ideas. I have considered making a flat plate for the bottom of the stock but wondering what you guys have done. With this weight am I asking too much of a pod such as a Versa or Harris? I just get tired of always having to use a 'benchrest' rest for 300-500yds hunting. Thank you, gentlemen
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You could take a peg out the front like on my Staes Arms or make a recessed swivel mount for a Harris Bipod like on my Ruger thumhole project(sorry no pic)
I like the peg idea as it would keep the bottom of the stock smooth for bench shooting. Where you happy with the stability and is that a Versa Pod pictured or who's? Thanks Mach
I think this was one of Klauses creations(not sure)I,ve got 2 of them & they are built super tuff,stable & extend(works like a super duty Versa Pod)on 1" shaft.
Here is a link to his site,they list them in
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Thanks again Mach for all the piocs and info. I don't have room for a 1" peg but you have given me some ideas. That looks like a really well made pod. It is a bit steep for my budget but I think I will make one similar for a front bracket. Thanks again.
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