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Charles A

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Nov 7, 2001
I need some ideas for a rest. It has to be under twenty pounds, very steady, and will work with a flat bottem stock. Bipods are out because there is no place to mount it to the rifle. It really does not matter the position it has to be shot, just portable and steady. I thought of a camera tripod and making a plate to put sandbags but that probably would not be tough enough, nor stable enough. Any and all suggestions please.
Camera tripod, read about it on sniper country. Build a "U" or channel shapped platform that will adapt to it. Piece of cake. I think its a 1/4 20 thread. You can make it as light or heavy as you want. You are limited only by your imagination and your pocketbook. Don't forget to insulate it.
Have a Harris on my varmint rig, but you said that was out, so I carry "Shooting Six" on the side of my pack, within easy reach for big game hunting. Don't like the idea of getting hung up in brush. They are very light, made by Stoney Point. Or try the "By-Fur-Pod" that Varmint Al lists on his site. Either way, good luck.
The camera tripod thing works ok . I used a cheap tri pod and the results I got where the same. maybe a stronger tri pod would have performed better. I t would work ok for hunting depending on range. I would not shoot groups with it.
I will post pictures as soon as possible but will try to explain for now. I use a camera tripod and geared head. My stock is aluminum and has a flat bottom. To the tripod head, I built a peice of channel 14 inches long and 3 inches wide for the stock to ride on. There is no support under the rear of the stock just the channel centered at the balance point, the trigger gaurd bumps up against the end of the channel so gun is always in the same spot. I used the loop side of adhesive backed velcro to line the channel with, for a smooth recoil. This way the gun slides freely on the rest and very little torque is put on the tripod from recoil. The complete setup weighs 7lbs and fits in a 5X8X26 inch bag. Sitting down I can shoot 2-3 inch groups at 500 yards. If shooting any farther than 500 yards standing would require a more stable tripod than I have.
I've really studied your photos, but can't work out what it is that you've used for the front and rear rests. Please enlighten me, I want to build one of these!

Yours is a unique twist. I may try it. If so, I would attach a quick-release plate to the bottom of the channel. Then I could quickly switch between the channel (used for shooting) and my spotting scope.

So far, wiith Dave King's encouragement, I have found a short Harris bipod to always be workable. But it would be nice to have a version of your channel-rest in the gear bag that I bring along in the truck on hunts. Never know when a prone shooting stance may not be possible due to terrain or vegetation.
Here's a contraption I made out of an "Ultimate" Tripod.. With this setup I can go from the ground/truck hood to the tripod very quickly.. It's since had a plate mounted to the back of the front deck to prevent the bipod from slipping off.. Which was only a problem if I wasn't paying attention.. This version is under 10#, I think, and will fit in a Coleman chair bag.. Good luck with whatever you decide.. I've had as much fun making these contraptions as I've had using them.. d:^) JiNC

Here's a "BR" version..

In my quest for the perfect field rest...I own one of the Ultimate Tripods, too. Great idea for bipod adaptation.
Being so into photography I am sure you are aware of Kirk stuff -

I use the little clamps for various shooting jobs - they are the very best way to quick-detach spotting scopes for instance. You can get a universal dovetail base, I cut them into short pieces and put them on spotting scopes, chrono stands etc

As for non standing-height shooting rests the Nightforce is the best, simple as that. I agree with Dave, gotta use Harris's but I bet I could also sell you guys on Stoney Point also - they are lighter than my Nightforce.
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