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    Jun 28, 2006
    Not to bring up the long running debate of smk for game i thought i would share my limited experinces with this round.

    Bullet is 155 smk out of a 308 .

    Target species RED FOX weighs 14 to 24 pounds

    ROE DEER weighs 25 to 50 pounds

    Red DEER weighs round 200 pounds some times much more

    These weights are averages for my area.

    Shot 1 roe deer at 535 yards angled lung liver shot dead within 45 seconds.

    Shot 2 roe deer at 210 yards high lung droped to shot then then stood back up and started walking off second shot needed first shot double lung small hole in both.A bit dissapointed But relieved to recover the animal.

    Shot 3 Red deer stag at 420 yards angled lung shot stag stumbled 20 yards then droped stone dead goood size hole through both lungs.

    Shot 4 roe deer 100 yards heart shot ran 20 yards and droped stone dead.

    Shot 5 red fox Stood broardside at 300 yards my mate is spotting for me seen bullet impact through lungs perfectly fox runs to the edge of the wood stops coughs up blood then runs into the wood fox never recoverd.

    Shot 6 REd deer stag at 506 yards broardside double lung ran 40 yards droped stone dead perfect orange size hole through far lung.

    Shot 7 Roe deer at 210 yards shot hit 2 inches high of heart ran 100 yards then droped stone dead.

    Shot 8 Roe deer at 370 High lung took the bullet ran 50 yards sat down then stood up and began calmly walking off second shot required.

    REd stag 270 yards high sholder made it 10 yards then stone dead.

    REd Stag 350 yards lungs made it 70 yards then stone dead.

    Roe deer 210 yards lung shot ran of into wood no blood bullet impact seen by 2 people animal never found.Disaster.

    I would strongly advise anyone no to shoot thin skinned animal with smks i will never do so again and have learnt my lesson.I will continue to use them on larger species. but not on smaller ones.

    I now know why so many people like them for deer because you guys are shooting much bigger bodied deer and the bullets are having a tougher time passing through these heavy animals thus doing more damge.

    As you can see on our large species of red deer the perfomance is very good.

    These our just my observations do not want to start a debate.
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    Nov 10, 2005
    Have killed many feral hogs and coyotes with that bullet out of my 300WSM. Never failed me yet.