My 1st record book bear


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Dec 23, 2009
LaPine Or.
08' started great and finnished even better! This should be by first Oregon book bear. We roughed him out around high 19-low 20'' skull, Oregon book requires 18 1/8''.(found out with my first big bear after boiling the skull I ended up with1715/16'')
no trick photography, he's gutted so we could get him in that 3 1/2' stump, and I have a 6' 1'' wingspan. ODFW aged him at 15 yrs old! I Never even knew they got that old. Hope you enjoyed the pics.
Congratulations, good looking bear and nice pics. Thanks for sharing.
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Factory Winchester Model 70 .270 wsm 150 gr fusions(before i started handloading) at 27 yds.I know its a long range site, but what would you do?
We were on our way to go glass across canyons and came around a point and stood strait I shot him strait down.
My bi-pods got hung up on my randefinder lanyard while swinging my rifle onto the bear. As I looked in dis-belife I sware that bear looked me in the eye and laughed at me(and I dont blame him either). My buddy was mumbeling shoot! shoot **** it! The bear got tired of laughing at me I guess and turned to leave as my crosshairs went to his shoulder. Boom! He was ****ed! and doin the funky chicken. So I dumped another into him strait on into where his throat and chest intersect. That finnished him. Neither bullet passed through. WOW
Ps You can see my 1st shot on the shoulder. The other sploych is not a butt shot, we had to gut him to get him up onto the stump for pics, and rolling around on a slope in the brush we rolled him onto the gut pile on accident. we cleaned him up some, but not enough I guess
Thanks for all the nice comments. Hes still in the freezer(hyde) as of yet. Times tickin though if I want a taxidermist to do anything with him!
He REALLY SCARRED UP! He mustve been a heck of a scrapper! My wife says that the big bear rug on the wall is nice, so just go shoot another nice one for the taxidermist. But being so big and old, I just cant give up on a mount of some kind for this one.
His ears are tattered, and one of his K-9's is so rounded I doubt he'd have made the winter. Ill post a couple more pics of him on this thread. Maybe some input from you guys would help me figure out if he's worth the $ to mount or if my wife is right..........theres always more bears, but only 1 first record book entry.
Winmag , Congrats really nice color phase bear, just a couple tips on picts, set head or front end up on stump or root, and tuck in the tongue, youll be glad you did, a good photo is fun to have in home or shop, I keep a small travel album, fun at hunting camp, I dont have the photo posting down yet
Ok, is he too beat up to make a decent mount? Tattered ears, and scarred up bad..
Scars everywhere...
Tattered ears...
But, still cool enough for a mount? got any input? I'd like to here your thoughts on weather or not to mount it. Remember what I already have hangin in the house...(see earlier reply)
Sp6x6, sorry about the tongue thing...
I have more pics w/o it hangin out, but this one turned out the best for focus etc.
Ill try to have more tact next time.
Winmag, I have a bear that we nicknamed "Scareface", His fur is rubbed on forehead, and thin in spots, way more tore up than yours and he looks great on the wall, looks like a warrior, 31" around neck @ ears, 19 yr.old, broken teeth and broken toe, made a bar stool out of the rest of him, arms are his :D
congrats on the nice bear. The way i see it is one day you may regret not mounting it if you choose not to but if you choose to have it mounted i doubt you will ever regret having it mounted. thats just how i look at it
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