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  • Hey Gene! I hadn't seen your reply (and also didn't see that I'd even sent you that message a couple of weeks ago- I figured I'd deleted it before it got sent). Anyway, I sent you another pm about the .270 wolf/coyote loads today. Sorry about the confusion!
    I went looking for some components today, but since that shooting in Conn, apparently everyone's buying it all up! Anyway, I picked up some 90 gr Sierra hp's and some Hornady 110 v-max's, along with some RL-15 and 19 and some H4895 today. I'll hopefully get a few loaded tomorrow to try out.
    Thanks for the help!!!

    I've used the 90 gr TNT on groundhogs and it's an explosive bullet. If you are wanting to save the hides without to much repair and want a light weight bullet I would look at Barnes or other copper solids. A friend shot his wolf with a 280Rem 140 gr bullet. It did not exit but he shot it length wise.

    All that said, bullet holes are not that hard to sew up. I'd rather have a sewn up wolf hide than have one get away.

    Good luck!
    Hey Gene!
    I noticed a reply from you on a post about .270's. It sounds like you have quite a bit of experience with them.
    I'm looking at using my old Ruger .270 for coyotes and wolves, but I'd like to save the hide if at all possible.
    Would the 90 gr TNT Speer work on these critters? Maybe a 110 of some sort for wolves?
    Any suggestions?

    Sorry, not ignoring you! Never got an email about this and just noticed the notification. I've been very busy since getting back from Alaska. I'm trying to finish a bunch of projects up. Just put the finishing touches on a 50 cal pa longrifle this morning:) I'm waiting for my barrel back from getting fluted to finish up my long range rig. I took it to AK but then tore it apart to finish it 100%. I'm waiting for my 270 win to get back from putting a break on it. Then that gets dropped in a greybull stock and should be good to go. I've not touched to boats/decoys yet. Going to service the big water boat today. Might be the only boat out of the barn this season. Early season is already gone and I haven't hunted yet, not much need for the TDB the rest of the season.

    Good to hear from you. We have to share a blind/hide one of these days!
    Gene Jr.
    Gene, let me find out we have more incommon than just names. First I see ya dbhp, now here. Didnt realize ya were a rifleman also. Me to. And 270 cal lover wow. Might be my siamese twin. I've been doing alot of lr practice thiss summer for b.c. blk bear hunt in spring. Not much duck related stuff. Exct for some allen repaints and doz. Brant, half dozen p.ducks I got from lou in spring. Ttyl, Gene r.
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