My 10 year old breaks the 1K mark

Shawn Carlock

Jun 11, 2007
North Idaho
Today my son and I went scouting for elk and to shoot some footage for Send It volume 4. He wanted to shoot over 1000 yards in preperation for his first year of big game hunting so he felt like he had it covered. We setup on a rock about 18-20" in diameter (he told me this by gauging the rock in the NPR1 reticule and calculating it himself) at 1002 yards. I helped him enter the conditions into the Ipod with Bulletflite and get a correction. I called him up 26.00 moa and .5 right wind, both of which I watched him dial in. When he was on the rock we went through the standard shooter spotter comunication and I said "send it". I watched the first cold round ark up and drop right squarly into the rock. "Once was luck hit it again", I said. We went through the process and he again hit it. I said shoot a third and we will see what kind of group you got at 1K. He loaded and hit the rock again. We drove over to see the rock and inspect the group. While I could see the puffs of dust off the rock I was not positive of the hit locations. I was pleased to see that his group was right at 1 moa. This should make his shot at a deer this fall at 500-600 yards pretty easy. All in all it was one of the better days I have had out in the field.

260 Rem, 1-8 Hart barrel sendero conture fluted, 140 gr Bergers, 3.5-15 NXS NPR1 ZS, DE SS supressor, DE cheekpiece, HS Stock (old Sendero shape), ACI/ACD mount & indicator, Harris "s" bipod w loc. Note on supressors: If you can hav eone in your state get one to train your kids with it makes an unbelievable difference for the kids and for the teacher if you are using a hearing safe one.
Well done! He's ahead of 95% of the shooters out there, at only 10 years of age. Not too surprising I guess :rolleyes:. I'd be a proud poppa as well. Awesome shooting Jr!!!
Thanks for the comments guys. Once your kids are old enough to shoot and really start to understand long range shooting it really opens a new chapter in your LRH book.
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