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May 10, 2009
I remimber a mountain rifle that had no fore end of the stock. The barrel just hung out there by itself. Anybody remimber these? Where can I get info on them?
Yep thats it. Just googled it. Looks sweet until I saw a price tag on one. Wouldn't think I would need to sell my unborn children for a stripped down rifle. I wounder If someone could make that stock to put on a regular Remington 700 or Model 7.
The stocks are made by MPI. Patrick Smith Kifaru Int. owns the mold.
I would also like to have a stock made for another rifle project.

Here's mine.


You can do it!!!
The Stevens stock is very light to begin with but even lighter when you cut the junk off of it!
There are three ways to make a Stevens stock rigid.
#1 you can replace it.
#2 you can reinforce the outside of it
#3 you can wack it offlightbulb
This little stevens shoots a lot better now that it dont bounce off the bipod.

This was my first attempt at this and have left it as is for a couple of reasons.
Most of my shooting is off the bipods and this has workt so much better than stock form! For shooting offhand I could trim a little more off but not much and it wouldnt save enough weight at this point to matter.
My guess is the MPI stock is made out of much better material than the Stevens stock. Hate to take off too much and ruin a $20 piece of plastic :D

" Hate to take off too much and ruin a $20 piece of plastic "

I hear ya there brother. I like that rifle. What scope do you have on that baby?
The camoed scope in the first pics is a cheap 4-12 Pentax with the balistic reticle in it, not a bad scope but replaced it with a Leupold 4.5-14 with the big game reticle in it. With Leupold scope and no bipod it still weighs dang near 7 lbs. The gun started out life as a Steven in 223 but is currently a 204 with a spare bolthead so the 243 and 708 barrels can be swapped in for bigger critters.
That unit of yours looks very interesting! What calibar,whats it weigh and how do you like it....would you change anything?
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