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  • Interested in youre 6.5x284 110 pred. Hunter... gimmie a call at (218)209-9745 my name is Gary
    6mm-284. 8 twist. approx 300 rounds down tube. sendero contour, fluted, cerakoted titatium. looking for $200


    I am interested in your barrel. Can you give me some more information?

    What length is it?
    Is it a large shank barrel for a savage?
    What company made the barrel?
    Did you buy it as a 6mm-284? or was it something else and you had it converted?

    Sorry for the 1000 questions, just want to make sure its right for me. Thanks!


    feel free to call or text 717-215-8715
    Whats the story on your Remmington 700 7mm Rem Mag ULTRALIGHT? Where does the ultralight come from? Looking to get one for my wife and trying to keep it light a mobile.
    north of gillette by weston. take HWY 59 north to weston and turn right on Heald RD. take ur first left on rocky point road and go north approx. a mile or two and you will see a sighn that says Thunder Basin natl. grasslands. if you look to the right while you drive on this road there is one right off the road. Not a huge town by any means but still a good time and its on public.
    Have you had any luck finding PD's? I just moved here last year and haven't found any yet, only been out 2 days looking though. Elk season is coming up and wanted to take my kids out shooting pd's to get them ready. If you go in the next couple of weeks invite me along. Thanks Chuck

    I know of some in Sheridan but would rather stay close
    One more question, have u tried to fire form to 338 snipetac w/o seating a bullet. Maybe use some pistol powder and use something to plug the hole on the end.
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