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  • I can't help you, inthekisser. Your best bet is putting in for a draw area, usually they have the most public ground.

    Off hand, I would say around Evanston or Rocksprings would be your best bet for the southern part but don't take my advise as fact as I haven't hunted down that way since I was a kid.
    Hey man, I saw one of you're post on the Antelope forums, Me and a friend are wanting to come to WY and go on a public hunt, we are from Texas and really have no clue so to where to hunt, I see anyone talking about zone #'s.. you have a link to a webpage with those numbers on there? we are tryin to stay as far south as we can. you have any info on that. thanks
    what load did you use to get the tikka 7mag to shoot the 1/2" moa at 100 yrds? Did you have to do a barrel break in?
    Thanks Pete, I guess I was just waiting for the call but the kids said they want to do it. I have a travel trailer I can use if need be. Whether it will be a go for us or not will depend on the date. Look foward to hearing from you.
    Well Chuck, I'm sold!! We have plenty of time to work out the details. I do have a travel trailer you could use and Oak Tree is a lodge so I am sure we can sort it out.

    I CAN USE ALL THE VOLANTEER HELP I CAN GET!!! I would love to have you. The first day is kinda like herding cats so the more adult eyes the better.

    I am finishing up a home remodel project but plan on doing some shooting with one of the guys from Oak Tree tomorrow, but will try to call if a get the chance. My personal email is padreweis at hotmail and goes straight to my phone.

    I look forward to seeing how this developes!!
    Pete, Thanks for the response.
    We are located in Gillette, Wy. My kids haven't hunted as of yet. I myself have just got back into hunting 2 yrs ago. My daughter Faith 13 expressed interest in hunting last year. Since then they have both been through hunter safety, Youth hunters safety challenge (they loved this) and time at the range.

    As far as discipline, I don't have any concerns.

    Both Faith and Elias were on the honor roll last year. Both have a paper route.
    Faith plays volleyball, is saving for a bow to do some competing this year, and likes going to youth group at church.
    Elias plays football, basketball and races motorcycles.
    I don't think the distance would be a problem but it would leave me with nothing to do. So if you need a volunteer, I'm it.

    As far as eager and willing to learn, I'll be talking about it with them today but this seems like something right up their alley. I'm picking up Faith and Elias from the airport today, They have been in Az for the summer with their mom. We will be spending every opportunity shooting to get ready for this hunting season. Faith has 2 elk and 3 antelope tags to fill, Elias won't be able to hunt till next year but will be going with us. I feel so behind.
    Here are some pictures of the Youth Hunters Safety Challenge this year. Faith's favorite was the archery. Elias's was the shotgun.

    Meeting with the kids prior will be a challenge but not impossible.
    Here is my phone number if you have any other question for me 307 696 9566 Thanks, Chuck
    Howdy! Where are you located? Do your kids already hunt? I hand picked the first batch of kids. I am kinda a slickler.... as long as your kids are not disipline issues with adults that are not thier parents or other kids I would be more than happy to have them out. If I would have the chance to meet them before hand that would be even better! I don't believe in giving this kind of skill to kids headed down the wrong path. But if they are earger and willing to learn I love to have them out reguardless of skill level or experience. I won't be running another class until next spring or early summer though.

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